There is an immense need in our world that is systemic in many areas and disciplines – financial need, hunger, the need for shelter and medical care, and many more.

When Marty Maloney, a fellow student EMT and 1st Lieutenant at Saint Michael’s Fire and Rescue, asked me if I wanted to go to Honduras, I immediately said “Of course”.

When he then further explained that he wanted to organize the trip to an underprivileged country to use our skills and training as EMTs working in a hospital setting, I gave an even more resounding YES! We are going with the Non Profit Charity A Broader View Volunteers Corp

Marty and I rounded up three more members from our Rescue department and started this journey to bring as much medical aid to a city that needs it greatly.

In the summer of 2017, the five of us will fly to La Ceiba, Honduras for four weeks to make that idea a reality. During our time there, we will work 5 days a week in a hospital setting under the direction of existing medical personnel, undoubtedly bringing much needed relief to a medical system that is spread thinner than most.

We hope to bring a substantial amount of medical supplies and equipment that the hospital does not have ready access to, as well as personal care items to help prevent the increasing need for medical attention for the people of La Ceiba.

A donation to this cause would be a direct influence in the betterment of the lives of the citizens in the surrounding areas of La Ceiba Honduras.

We have a collective group fundraising goal of $15,000 dollars, which will allow us to bring medical supplies and lower the burden of program fees and travel costs.

In a world that has been dominated with such stress and turmoil in the recent past, we need positive influences such as this to create a better environment for everyone.

I welcome any questions about our trip. Feel free to reach out to me through a call, text, or email.

Thank you in advance for anything you can do to make this trip possible.

Promoter Nicholas Ferrigno
United States
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