ABV Holiday Donation 2011 – Village School Donation in, Kenya

Thanks to the donation of A Broader View Volunteers (ABV) a holiday and graduation party was sponsored for the DGS school in Mombasa Kenya. The event took place on Friday December 09th, 2011 and was attended by almost 200 children and their care providers and teachers. A grant provide by A Broader View Volunteers was used to buy Christmas food supplies for the children and for the faculty staff at the orphan village school in Mombasa.

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  • Uluru Masaai

    it is very good program. every boy needs holiday to refresh mind. i hope all kids will have nice holiday and always be happy

  • Rona Canino

    The kids must be really happy about this graduation.  It is once in a lifetime event that I am sure will stay on their minds forever.  Good thing about charities, they are tax deductible :)

  • Szeto Ching

     Kenya is a poor country in Africa. Be sure there are many people who are in need there. It is good that the volunteers go to help them. It will give them a bright future.

  • Batencila Annabelle

    I am so delighted to see that the children are happy and enjoyed the party given to them. Wish that there will be more events like this in the future.

  • bashabasha

    Its so nice to see how this non-profit organization helping for those  Kenya children. We can see in their eyes how happy they are to celebrate their graduation. Thanks to all who help for those children and to the people who have good heart who share donations.

  • Emdjay Macapil

    Its good to have such kind of non-profit organization that helps children in Kenya. Those volunteers are the kind of person we should follow. Despite of what is happening to our world today, knowing that there are some people who are ready give their helping hand is enough for this kids to hope for their better future.

  • Thomas Lim

    There are a lot of things needed at Kenya. Definitely, this donation is very relevant, and can be of such big help. Children in Kenya will have better opportunities for education and development.


    I am happy to note that there are still people who care for others.  This organization is something worth supporting by civic-minded people all over the world.  I just hope that more information drive is launched throughout the world to increase awareness thereof.

  • Virads Mistery

    If we help them as we can they’ll understand that someone is there for them. They are a part of our world so we should help them the best we can. Its great that there are still people who care for others. I wish I could donate.

  • Alf Ads

     Kenya is one of the poorest country in Kenya. It is good that there is ABV that is willing to help them. Keep it up

  • sharif hossain

    I know Kenya is a poor country. They must need support, specially for the children to study.

    It’s very nice to see there has some people who caring for them.

  • Anonymous

    What a meaningful donation! Sharing the precious that one has. I know some poor families deprive themselves from taking one cup of coffee daily and donate for such a cause.

  • Tao

    It is good to have those program provided to country in Africa. Wish more area will be benefit form the scheme. It is give hope to those young kids!

  • Ihsan Fitriadi

    This is a noble activity, we know that what happened in Kenya should concern us all, andsomeone has to initiate some form of caring for them. I do not believe in pprosesorpembayan online, but for this I will try to open a paypal account …..