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Our service-based voluntary travel programs continue to focus on sustainable development, community, and diversity.

ABV Volunteers programs offer invaluable support to local communities across the globe. More than ever, the contribution of our volunteers in terms of local time, expertise, and expenditures is critical to helping these communities recover. We understand the lingering uncertainty surrounding travel planning can be unsettling. Contact us to determine where you can travel and what our health and safety procedures are. Learn about current travel restrictions, as well as our flexible change policies. Get involved today, travel responsibly, and act as agents of positive change.

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Welcome to A Broader View Volunteers. We are a nonprofit volunteer travel organization based in the US specializing in meaningful volunteering abroad travel programs. Whether you are looking for gap year program, a family volunteer vacation or a life-changing experience overseas, you can trust A Broader View to turn your dreams of volunteering abroad into a reality.

345 Social Programs in 32 countries across 4 continents

Over 98,900 volunteers have chosen to do trip missions with A Broader View since our start in 2007. Why? Our meaningful, eye-opening and enjoyable volunteer programs are tax deductible and we offer fundraising support to make this once-in-a-lifetime experience even more affordable. You can also read the outstanding Volunteer Reviews we receive on our gap year testimonial page to find out more, and to book and travel with A Broader View with confidence.

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