Who are we?

ABV has been operating international volunteer programs since 2007 and importantly we run all our own programs, with ABV Staff on the ground, under the direction of the local grass root organizations. We have an alumni base of many thousands of volunteers a year, we have a 100% safety record and health risk management and provide huge impact on the ground through our long-term programs.

These, in turn, have led to partnerships with NGOs, universities and government bodies around the world for the development of our programs, including the likes of Sloth and monkey sanctuary in Costa Rica, Elephant Sanctuary in India, Save Orphans (Peru, Nepal, Uganda), Health Missions (Honduras, Ecuador, Tanzania, Mongolia), and Teachers without borders (Chile, Guatemala, Zambia, Belize), amongst various others.

The high level of our reputation has lead to partnerships with many Universities and Schools such as Bridgeport University, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Dayton University, Temple, Drexel and many more to help with their students’ education and training.


We are looking for partnerships with Grass-root Organization, NGOs and government agencies working on local, nationwide issues, that have a track record of successful impact, and are open to expand their program in partnership with ABV over a period of at least 3 years. The host organizations will manage the project work. ABV¡¡¡ staff will manage the project participants and will work in support of the host organization.

The Coordinators package will be in the form of:

  • Experienced and skilled staff
  • Trained international participants
  • Local capacity building initiative to train local staff and community members
  • Project equipment
  • Project running costs

In return, the host organization must be able to supply:

  • Detailed project brief and direction
  • Ongoing project direction and feedback
  • Local logistical advice
  • Visa and legal support and advice

For more information, contact us by email, chat online, or phone Contact us