Helping ABV Facebook social networking

Helping ABV through social networking.

A Broader View Volunteer offers a fantastic way of volunteer travel based on humanitarian project participation. The programs are comparatively inexpensive, but high quality and affordable. This program is all about the spirit of humanity, which allows volunteers globally to visit places and help the ones who are less fortunate. With the help of Facebook and social networking, it is trying to convey its message to the wider community.

The Facebook Fan Page is a great way to spread this message of humanity to every person connected to the social network. The fan page allows people to have a look at the wonderful services the program is providing. Moreover the pictures define the marvelous experience volunteers experience when they try and volunteer in such programs. Further, the photos uploaded at the page, show the number of people connected to this organization.

The Facebook Fan Page can encourage people who are hesitant and lack confidence joining the program. Whether the country is Peru, Chile or Tanzania or any of the 20 Countries they work in, the spirit of true love for mankind and to help others is a great experience. Furthermore the page owners update the page everyday, which provides reasons and options to people about where to volunteer.

All the information is just a click away; the users can check the wall posts daily and select the link that grabs their interest. The links posted contains the entire information of a country, where voluntary services are needed. In addition it also describes the culture of that particular place. Besides, pictures on the links are also posted to make things further clear and easy.

Also the comments and wall posts by people who like the page describe their positive response. People appreciate the initiative and encourage this noble cause. Usually the wall posts are made by the owners of the page, but as a social networking page it allows people to give their responses and views of the entire program.

People have indeed shown positive response, as every post is liked by them, which is a sign of their interest. Moreover, information of the programs offered and the entire process is defined. Further it has a classic feature of questions; this option allows people to place their questions and wait for the answers. This indeed is a feature, which makes things easy for the volunteers interested and also people who want to know more about it.

A Broader View provides a fascinating program that allows volunteers worldwide to participate in this worthy cause. The Facebook fan page is helpful and gives this program a boost. It truly is a unique and self satisfying adventure, which allows people to help the rest of mankind. For further information on accessing A Broader View’s daily updates and information, visit us at Feel free to make comments, share with your friends and like our posts daily. Additionally, you can leave suggestions on our page and we will gladly try and accommodate.

  • AmbRob125

    I loved it I came here through

  • AmbRob125

    I loved it ! I came here through

  • Thomas Lim

    It is good that there is the presence of these social network sites that can do the task. Any noble humanitarian projects will find it so hard to push throigh without yhe support of the people. Here is a good example of jow the partnership of social network sites and this project can prove successful.

  • Emdjay23

    I have read some of the articles posted in ABV and I know by promoting their articles to Facebook they can gather people who wants to help communities in Peru, Chile and other country. They have been promoting volunteers in such country, So I guess it would be a great help to them if they have posted fan page in Facebook.

  • Wittynet

    That’s indeed a great program! I hope what happened in Iligan City will also be posted so that our fellowmen here in the Philippines who were really affected by typhoon Sendong will receive the needed help and support. It’s really frustrating to see those victims.

  • Batencila Annabelle

    What a smart way to help other people in need especially now that lot of calamities are happening everywhere in the world. may God shower us with people who are willing to extend their help.

  • Misbakhul Munir

    i like social networking. it breaks all countries border and make all get closer and closer

  • Szeto Ching

    Today Facebook is still one of the most popular social networking website. So it is a good way to promote your website by Facebook. This article makes me know more about volunteer abroad news. 

  • Rusale Baga

    Wow. This is really exciting. I’ll be liking ABV in my facebook account so that I will be updated with the latest updates in ABV. Facebook is really one of the best social networking site which enables this organization to share it easily with the users of facebook. 

  • bashabasha

    When it comes to promote this program ,Facebook is great way because that’s a no.1 popular social networking site. That easy to spread this program in all over the world.

    • Wittynet

      hello, bashabasha! nice to see you here!

  • Ahmad Himmow

    Promoting a program like this on Facebook is an excellent idea! I’ll make sure too look for this on Facebook

  • Johnnie Fox

    This would be a great help in promoting this wonderful organization. Facebook is the best place to promote this organization because they are many people around the world who are using it. This is an brilliant idea.

  • Anonymous

    Facebook Fan page is unique in its style of entertaining the members to express oneself. It allows to have friendship and express one’s talent. Glad to know that it is open to charitable organizations to spread its message and mission

  • Rolivic Perez

    Good thing A Broader View embarked on bringing its volunteer work in social media sites like Facebook.  This will certainly give them a big boost in terms of numbers of volunteers.  To top it all, this will kindle interest, elicit awareness and promote volunteerism in countries reached by the social media site.  I commend the designer of the fanpage for coming up with useful and interesting features for the site.

  • katipunero

    that is great by using Fb. i think fb is the best way to reach people around us. u give us a way to know about your goal and vision and mission. i hope more people will be touched with your good hands.

  • Opa Trading

     Facebook is the best way of promoting anything as its the number 1 social network now. Its a very good think that abroaderview working with it now as well. It would be the best way for the abroaderview members to follow it accurately as always we can be updated by facebook.