Medical-Dental Care Volunteerism in Kenya

Kenya suffers from malaria, pneumonia and Diarrhea, which although curable many times results in death. This is because Kenya has improper medical facilities and is short of personnel. For that reason, one very important contribution which should not be ignored, while we evaluate the medical scenario in Kenya is the one made by A Broader View volunteers.

The selfless service offered by A Broader View, involves individual volunteers who help during the year to help the Kenya health system, which is very prone to diseases and poor treatment facilities. The blessings and good wishes of thousands of Kenyans lie with these altruists, who each year helps in the medical field. These philanthropists take on the role of healing many people from their sufferings.

Visiting this country with an open mind will help enhance the experience. Moreover, Kenya has many areas to work on, especially close to its Northern counterparts. To attain this height, many voluntarisms from around the globe must continue to come together. This type of volunteering program is solely on the basis of charity and requires a big decision to move forward in helping someone in need.

A Broader View would greatly appreciate this kind of help and allows you to establish associations. Additionally, 1 to 12 weeks of volunteering and social service in a region like Kenya, increases the weight of your CV. You are recognized as a humanitarian doctor. There are many voluntary organizations which work for the betterment of conditions in the region.  However, A Broader View which is situated in the United States provides a far more outreaching program and this extends not only to Kenya, but other developing countries. A Broader View does immense work for the uplifting and progression of medical facilities in Kenya.

Kenya and the world at large today needs the service of brave men and women who are guided by the feeling of love for the fellow beings.  Let us strive hard to make the globe a livable place with a healthier environment.

In applying to this field, volunteers must have a strong medical background. Skilled workers, such as, physicians, nurses, pediatricians, gynecologists, cardiologists and students on internship can apply. For people who want to provide any other form of support are also welcomed to join this worthy cause. Visit us at for further details.

  • Imran12941

    We wish the numbers of individual volunteers will increase in coming day, Entire Globe is suffering from Global Warming because of unhealthy environment people suffers from lot of unwanted diseases. Kenya has taken its step to get reed of these diseases

  • prince

    Just as this page says,medicine in Africa is especially important.Good medicine can protect people’s health.

  • Tao

    You are great to help in Kenya. You guys are brave and good heart. And I is good for skilled workers to help others !

  • Anonymous

    It is true that Kenya suffers from malaria, pneumonia and Diarrhea, which although curable many times results in death.The vlunteers involved in medical assitence to the helpless peaple reap a great blessing from above. This service is very precious

  • Kat Meyritz

    What a wonderful and inspiring project. It is so easy for us to forget all the medical problems in developing countries and I’m sure initiatives such as these are greatly appreciated by the beneficiaries.

  • Jm Corporation2

    All the volunteers that work today are very brave. I can barley stand my job working for money but these amazing people use their own time working for free to help others. God Bless you all!

  • dagir

    To help people is pleasing to God act.It is very important  to help poor contries to get rid of these dangerouse diseases.

  • Margo S.

    This is such a great privilege to a part of this volunteering team. kenya is a wonderful country with nice people. This is an awesome experience we should not miss.

  • Matt

    We really need a lot more of these volunteer organizations like A Broader View. What they do are very noble and commendable. These groups offer their expertise and skills without a fee just to help those in need.  

  • Thomas Cruz

    Kenya is indeed a place that needs a lot of help. I have read tat even the most common medicine are hard to find, and ailments are so difficult to cre due to the conditions Kenya has. I am totally happy that there is this activity to share a bit for the people of Kenya.

  • Josephine Joaquin

    Good thing that there are still lots of kind hearten people who are willing to help Kenya. I am proud for those who are volunteering because they also think for others first before themselves. Kenya really needs some help I hope more people will help Kenyans and improve the health conditions there. 

  • felistas

    i need some volunteers who can help the children in my orphaned home

    • ABroaderView Charity

      use the proper channel…email