Social Welfare in Chile

Social welfare in Chile is a major contribution any volunteer can offer to this country. Some of the social services in previous times, which were most important in government planning, were support in improving healthcare and upgrading the living standards. Do you care about the welfare of other people? Then, if the answer is yes, it is recommended to support Chile with an open heart, which you will enjoy since it is an enriching experience.

The non-profit voluntary program, A Broader View is highly recommended to join and volunteer. The organization is solely focused on charity and enables their volunteers to partake at any time of the year. Furthermore, A Broader View provides voluntary services to 19 other countries and hopes to expand their service to several more regions.

Social welfare

Separate from the housing aspect, A Broader View facilitates the locals by helping underprivileged children and families. The volunteers can also assist by providing after school programs; such as, homework assistance, training in computing and technology. For the more mature persons, current awareness matters and sessions for battered and abused women.

It is an enrichment to do this type of voluntary work because you have the chance to contribute your unique skills, for the betterment of another. Understanding the Spanish language of the Chile locals is also a bonus, although while volunteering locals will be glad to assist.

Volunteers must have a sociable personality and be willing to blend with the locals. A Broader View offers this program throughout the entire year and makes accommodation for their volunteers. This includes three meals per day and volunteers normally reside with a family. Feel free to work extensive hours and plan your daily activities.

  • katipunero

    congratulations for reaching out chile. for all we know that they need a hand for a help. i believe feeling the burden of one’s heart is amazing character… go to asian nation.. more people are waiting.

  • Ch3rrybobomb

    I think it is just great to see people like this still willing to help out other people in need.  I really hope A Broader View and other organizations like this keep up the good work in giving there services to the under privileged in need.  Good work guys :D

  • Ihsan Fitriadi

    This is a noble program, building a social welfare is one way tomaintain the harmony of mankind and the earth. It would be verybeneficial when done in many places in the world … but what is done in Chile .. is a very good example!

  • kundan23

    Yeah i am also interested in volunteering and i like doing this. Its really nice to help other persons who are in problem. only one thing i can say to you is “WELL DONE GUYS” !!

  • Batencila Annabelle

    Great program. Hope there would be more volunteers to make this world a better place. You are indeed a good example to others.

  • oliveth

    Wonderful program you have there! I wish I could be a part of it. More power!

  • Szeto Ching

    This is very impressive. Chile is a developing country and it is so nice to see the volunteers try to offer help there. The social welfare will be improved. I hope the people will have a better social welfare in the future.

  • Indra18_taskmgr

    This is very great program. Many people was helped. I hope it will be add Indonesia in their list.

  • laarni ortega

    I really would like to experience being a social worker. However time hinders me to be one. This project if very convincing plus you will be able to help a lot of people.I just hope one day I will be able to become one.

  • Thomas Cruz

    I can ery well see that A Broader View is really a noble and good organization. In being a volunteer, it is ssuch a big humanitarian work, and being such can really bring rewards to an individual. I think this organization deserves all the respect and recognition.

  • kaite lynn

    this is a very informative and interesting article about the social welfare in the country of Chile. How I wish i could have the opportunity to do such a humanitarian job someday to help enrich the lives of children and women. I think Chile is the best place to consider for it.