Youth Sports in Kenya Volunteers

One of the best places to visit in the world is the African continent. This continent offers breathtaking sceneries and is a haven of flora and fauna. It is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, which is the migration of wild beasts during the intervals of the dry and rainy seasons.

Many tourists find Kenya very exciting to visit and find it a wonderful adventure. One great thing about this country is the local people. There are 42 different types of tribes, but in some ways are similar to one another that sometimes nothing seems different.

Sporting activities are one way Kenyan youths like to spend their leisure time. There are many different types of Youth sports in Kenya. Sporting activities include female volleyball, seven aside rugby, swimming, and boat riding. They also have sports for the disabled; such as, volleyball and soccer.  Indoor games like badminton and chess are also played by the locals. These sporting activities are a big part in the lives of Kenyans.

Soccer is one of the most popular gaming activities in Kenya. It is a local leisure activity that can be branded the name staple game, because it is widely appreciated, and almost everyone can play it. However, the local football clubs are in dire need of volunteers to deliver them from the corrupt government officials, who run their country.

Despite the fact that the government tries their best to promote Kenyan youths with all these types of activities, there are still some instances when several issues arise and affect the entire project. These hindrances are as a result of varying issues, including, the lack of proper funding and support to run these projects. This has a high impact on the Kenyan youths who have no choice, but to revert to other ways of passing their time, which involves certain delinquent activities.

With the right guidance, they can easily achieve the great potentials that they possess. This therefore calls for the intervention of volunteers to step in and assist. Hence, A Broader View which is a non-profit organization provides voluntary service to the Kenyan youths and encourages them to continue aspiring through sports. Joining the voluntarism movement can make a difference. This might be a big break for those Kenyan youths to show their full potentials in the field of international sports.

Help A Broader View promote and improve this project. You can travel at anytime of the year and feel free to join the other programs available on the website. Or you can donate so ABV can buy sport elements for the youth communities.

  • emdjay

    Its nice to hear that there are some many people to devote their time for people who need it the most.. and its nice to hear that African people are also into sports.. I hope they will continue good virtue..:)

  • Matt

    Sports could really be a very positive outlet for the youth. It not only teaches them skills but also discipline and teamwork. It’s sad that many countries’ sports programs suffer from lack of funding or government support similar to what’s happening to Kenya, and they really need non-profit groups like ABV to intervene. 

  • Pat

    Sports does indeed have a way of bringing people together, and they present the brighter part of the spectrum to the underprivileged youth. A Broader View is a great organization that can indeed make a difference in young people’s lives. I wish the organization nothing but the best!

  • Batencila Annabelle

    Great way to help others. Sports can really help the youth be healthy and do the right things in the future. It trains to be disciplined enough. Wish you all the best in the coming days.

  • Qwerty11q

    Liking sports is nature of human beings. If they have conditions, they will all enjoy some.

  • Josephine Joaquin

    I find this article very informative, well for me who haven’t went to Kenya. This gave me an idea good Kenyans in soccer. I think it is a good sport for the youths. It will not just give them a healthy body but it will also give them a stronger mind. It will also help the youth to avoid taking drugs or doing bad things. Keep it up! :)

  • Alma Lee Cabal

    Three issues had been presented here. 1. The importance of sport.2. Insufficient funds for sports programs 3. Need for volunteers to handle the program.
         Sports has universal acceptance and Kenyan youth is no different from youth of other countries.  And like other countries the youth has pursued their love for sports despite lack of government funds. This to me means, that while funds will certainly aid in achieving excellence in sports, it will n ot hinder one either.  If sports is used as a toll to prevent the youth into unpleasant activities then perhaps the focused should not be on excellence but in motivating the youth to enjoy it and take it upon themselves to focus on sports not on unpleasant activities.
         My salute to the volunteers….. Bless your hearts.

  • Shahkamran4

    kenya is a wonderful place but theres a lot of poorness n protitution because of less  money

  • Anna

    Kudos to the A Broader View volunteers for having time with the children in Kenya! With your help a greater number of youth will be focused into activities and learning other than developing vices and bad habits. 

  • Szeto Ching

    I always appreciate to the effors and help from the volunteers. Kenya is a poor Africa country. I am glad to see the volunteers help people there. It makes everybody happy.

  • Asimiyu Adekunle

    i really appreciate to hear some one will volunteers.
    what kinda boost me most is the sports for the disables.

  • Nicholas Ananda

    Wow awesome, So what happens to youths like us who do sports as a business? I coach kids tennis and am hoping to expand and do other sports with time. most of the kids I coach are from one of the slums and for them I do it for free. My organization is called bumblebee sports and fitness and my no is +254 725 795 305, I’d like to gain more skills in my coaching career and even international recognition. Maybe you can help me achieve this..Thanks

  • Mawazi2006

    it is really nice to hear that atleast it is in my neighbour hood am kateregga mawazi from uganda  ,if there is  away please extend it to uganda as well. i have love for soccer coz i have ever been acoach for  a secondary school  and after that since then am trying my best to see that i set up asoccer academy this is my mail [email protected].+256779543945. thanks