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  • Community Development

    Join this grassroots community focused organization, based in the Wakiso district, aimed at improving the lives of locals through income generating activities, skill development, primary and secondary education for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), and providing HIV/AIDS/health support, educational outreach and sensitization information.
  • Community Development Building

    The community development building program requires volunteers who are willing and able to get involved with hard work and manual labor. In a program like this, you will work side by side locals to help improve the conditions in areas of clean water, expansion programs, beautification and renovation work, or simply providing “handyman” type assistance at local schools or children’s homes.

    Previous experience is a plus but is not required to join one of our programs. You will be part of a small team of local staff and community leaders and work together.  

    Some of the tasks that you may be tasked with accomplishing include:

    • Mixing sand
    • Making mud bricks
    • Digging holes/trenches for wells
    • Painting schools/orphanages
    • Setting up infrastructure

    Many of these jobs occur in the hot sun, are in rural areas and may have very limited shade and even more limited equipment. These are regions of the world where the high-level equipment is not available. Bricks, for example, are made of mud and holes are dug entirely by hand, so make sure if you join this program you are ready to dive in.  

    Join this program if you want to be part of the expansion and development work and be part of the solution.  Community development work varies from country to country, but all communities have the need to improve and expand their infrastructure.

    There are plenty of amazing opportunities that are involved with this program. You just have to make sure that you’re choosing the right location that you’re really going to enjoy and that’s going to allow you to contribute in the best way possible. There are a number of great cities within each of these countries that you can travel to and you’ll be able to dive right into what’s already being done to help the people within the region.

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  • Midwifery-Maternity

    Volunteers should expect the slow working rhythm and the total absence of timetables, which is common in these locations. Pregnant patients come to the prenatal department for regular check ups before and after delivery they are being given counseling of family planning and how to take care of their baby. There is a pediatric department in the health center where children under 5 years old are taken care.

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