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Are you ready to take on a mission trip but you’re still not quite sure where you want to go? Well, if that sounds like you then you might want to take a closer look at Kenya. You’ll find some amazing opportunities to give back and you’re going to have the opportunity to explore a truly amazing country while you’re at it.

That definitely sounds like a dream come true, don’t you think? If you’re interested in both of these things, then Kenya and the mission trips available here are definitely going to be the best step for you.

All About Mission Trips Kenya

The first thing that most people think about in Kenya is actually the wilderness reserves. You’ve probably also heard about the safaris and all of the amazing animals. You’ve heard about savannas that seem to stretch on for days and you’ve heard of some of the most amazing views around. This amazing country has more than just the countryside however and more than just wilderness reserves. It also has beaches, which tend to be forgotten about when we’re talking about this wonderful place.

In Kenya, you’re also going to find more than 50 different ethnic tribes. You’re going to find over 50 different languages and cultures and customs to explore. You’re going to experience people who are entirely different from you but who have some of the most amazing experiences and who can provide you with some truly unique experiences. You’re going to have the opportunity to really experience some of the tourist attractions that the country has to offer as well as some of the older areas that really still cling to their old ways and their traditional mannerisms.

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Unfortunately, you’re also going to see some of the downsides of Kenya. You’re going to see the many, many children who have been afflicted with HIV and AIDS. You’re going to see the millions of people who are struggling with some level of the disease. You’re going to see all of the people living in poverty and slums. You’ll see the aging people who are suffering right alongside the orphans. You’ll see overburdened families who don’t know how to care for their families anymore. And you’re going to see the trauma of the socio-economic system that continues to keep people down in the same poverty as their ancestors.

Why Mission Trips?

If you’ve been wondering about mission trips and you just weren’t sure if it was for you then you should take a closer look at what Kenya and other countries are currently going through. Just the experience of doing some research and understanding the truth of the situation in these regions is definitely going to make you rethink whether you should be volunteering yourself. What the vast majority of us learn and know about Kenya is not even close to all of it, and yet, we’re not learning about the multitude of ways that we could be helping.

Volunteering abroad allows you to help a group of people who have no other way of getting this help. The people who live in Kenya, in the same areas as those in poverty or in the slightly better areas of the country are not able to help their neighbors. These individuals are simply not able to boost their friends and family members up. They’re not able to improve the living conditions and the facilities. As a result, there’s nothing being done. Yet you have the ability to do these things. You have the resources to help them, through our organization.

This type of mission trip is also going to give you an amazing experience that you just won’t get in any other way. You’ll have the opportunity to experience an entirely different culture. You get to immerse yourself in the people of Kenya and their ethnic tribes, their languages, their customs and so much more. You’ll get to fully experience each of these things and that’s going to teach you more about a group of people that are so much different from yourself in so many ways. That’s an experience that you’ll never get anywhere else.

You can put your skills to work in a place where you’ll continue to gain and learn for yourself as well. If you’re involved in the medical community in any way or in education in any way you’re definitely going to be an asset in Kenya. This country can use all the help that they can get in these areas and if you already have a background in them you’re going to be an asset. But you’re also going to be gaining experience for yourself. You’ll be learning how to use the skills that you’ve learned in school and that’s going to help you when it comes time to continue on in your own life.

If you’re just getting out of college it’s a great idea to join a volunteer program to get some experience to add to your resume for the job hunt. If you’re just getting out of college some volunteer experience can make you more appealing to a college. If you’re already in the workforce or you’ve already gotten into a college you can use your vacation time to take one of these opportunities and use it for some time in the future. It can still go on your resume years later and it’s going to show everyone the amazing opportunities you’ve been involved with.

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The Ways you can Mission Travel

If you’re looking to volunteer in Kenya you should probably know about the programs that are currently available, right? Well, there are actually three different programs that are nearly always running and that can definitely offer you an opportunity to give back. We’re going to talk about each of them and we’re definitely going to explain how you can give back and support any of these programs whether you have a specific educational background or not.

Teaching Education – If you’re a teacher then you can help the children in Kenya by educating them in any of the normal subjects for school. Teaching them English, math, science, art and physical education is extremely important, as are crafts and art courses. Providing sports and exercise for students is another way to help them in school and to keep them healthy. Even more, these programs focus on literacy and encouraging the children in any way possible as many haven’t had formal or organized education before. These programs may even include counseling and talking with the children and working with the individual children from where they are.

Orphanage & Child Care – There are a large number of orphans throughout Kenya because their families are killed by disease or because their poverty-stricken families are unable to care for them. Orphans and street children, as well as vulnerable children living in the slums, are in extreme danger if they’re not given adequate care. These programs are similar to some of the educational programs because they’re all about providing the students with some education but in a more informal setting. Instead, children are taught basic English and life skills. They’re given introductions to music and dance and to arts and crafts. But even more, these children are given care, attention, and affection.

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Community Health & Nursing – Medical care is always going to be important in countries like Kenya because there are so many parts of the country that just don’t have the care that they need. There are areas where the children and adults alike just aren’t getting access to standard healthcare. These programs seek to provide help in clinics and to provide general medical care. They also teach more about different medical issues, healthy lifestyles, HIV and AIDS, cancer and even how to provide the right levels of emotional support to each other.

With any of these mission trips programs, you can make a huge difference, whether you have a specific degree or not. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals can be a great help when it comes to the community health and nursing programs. Teachers and educators can be a great help when it comes to educational programs. But anyone, regardless of the formal education that you’ve received, could be a great help. Anyone can make a huge difference in the way that these children and adults are receiving care and they definitely can use your help.

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Taking Another Mission Trip

Are you interested in traveling somewhere other than Kenya? Maybe you’ve checked out more of the information and you’re not quite sure Kenya is the right fit for you. Maybe it’s not the country you want to travel to or maybe the programs available here aren’t the ones that you want to get involved with. No matter what your reasoning, you can absolutely find another country out there, through A Broader View, that can use your help and that you will be more than happy to join up with.

If you’ve already traveled to Kenya or taken a mission trip to Kenya you might be interested in switching things up for the next trip. Well, don’t you worry because there are 25 different countries through our organization that you can travel to and you’re going to have all the opportunities to get involved with programs? If you’re interested in programs that offer help with environmental activities or those that are going to put you directly in contact with the community for development projects you can definitely do those as well. We want you to enjoy your trip and we’re going to do everything we can to make that happen.

All About Us

A Broader View is dedicated to providing help for those in many countries around the world and we do this with a view of helping you as well. We know that you want a positive experience in a new country. We know that this may be the first time you’ve ever left your own country. Or it might be the first time you’ve ever volunteered abroad. No matter how frequently you’ve done any of these things we know that you want to have a great experience this time around. That’s what we’re dedicated to doing.

We want to make sure that you are safe and happy with the experience that you have and in order to do that we make sure we’re upfront about everything from day one. You get to sign up and find out everything there is to know about the experience that you’re going on. 

When you work with us you’re going to have an opportunity to really get the full experience of that new country. You’re going to have the opportunity to really immerse yourself in everything that they have to offer and you’re definitely going to have the ability to make a huge difference. That’s the whole point of actually getting out there with a volunteer group, right? You want to make sure that you’re making a difference? So, take the opportunity and take the chance. It’s going to be a whole lot of fun and you’re going to be more than happy with the results.

Whether you’re certain about a mission trip to Kenya or you’re still weighing out all of your options, you’re definitely not going to be disappointed making experience of it. Whether this is the first time, the second time or the twentieth time that you’ve volunteered abroad we want to make sure that you’re going to enjoy it and that you’re going to be looking forward to the next experience that you can have. Whether that experience is in Kenya or anywhere else. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime to really make a difference in the world and in a small community that could use your help.

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How may we help you?!

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