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Our service-based voluntary travel programs continue to focus on sustainable development, community, and diversity.

ABV Volunteers programs offer invaluable support to local communities across the globe. More than ever, the contribution of our volunteers in terms of local time, expertise, and expenditures is critical to helping these communities recover. We understand the lingering uncertainty surrounding travel planning can be unsettling. Contact us to determine where you can travel and what our health and safety procedures are. Learn about current travel restrictions, as well as our flexible change policies. Get involved today, travel responsibly, and act as agents of positive change.

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Going on Mission Trips With A Broader View

Many people around the world wish to go on mission trips, they just don't know quite well how to start or even where to look for them. What they do know is that they have an inner calling for doing something meaningful and good. If you happen to be one of those persons, what you are looking for is to start missionary travel. Essentially, what you do is travel to somewhere in need and work with a community on a specific area for a while.

What would you be doing? There are hundreds of skills you already have that could be applied to help people who need help in the world. And all you have to do to start helping is traveling with A Broader View.

Why Going On Mission Trips?

There are many people who, like you, feel the need to help others. And there are others who wish to take a break from their routine, and do something important with their life.

Sometimes they choose to travel abroad and get in touch with different people in different countries. Some others want to do something even more meaningful like to travel abroad and enjoy a new experience, while helping someone who really needs it.

Going on mission travel puts you in contact with other realities. Sometimes we focus so much in our lives, our problems, and our needs that we don't see what's around us.

Traveling to start mission trips also helps us develop many different skills, help us cope with adversities, offer us career opportunities, and even makes us feel better with our legacy in the world.

A Broader View Mission Trips Programs

If you just got out of high school or college, you probably wish to take some time off to have different life experiences. And if going on a mission travel is one of your wishes, you can help many people through our programs. Independently of your skills, you can join our programs if you truly think you could be helpful there. There are many open areas like medicine, education, social and cultural immersion, environmentalism, welfare, sports, special needs, and more. 

Applying for a Mission Travel

To join any of our programs, you first need to review them, choose one, and then contact us. What we need from you is to be highly motivated for this kind of work abroad, to be patient, flexible, respectful toward others, and proactive.  If you wish to travel with a group of friends or family, you can do so! A Broader View welcomes groups of 5 people or more to travel together on missionary trips.

We review every application to make sure there are enough vacancies in the chosen program and to help you get as much information as possible about the whole experience.

Contact us now and start making a real change in the world.

We have 245 programs that take place in 4 continents and 25 different countries. Each program is designed to work on specific needs of a particular community or group of people. We work in many different areas, such as medical, social, cultural, educational, human rights, environmentalism, therapy, sports, dance, and even dental help. You are invited to scroll over our programs and find one that you feel identified with.

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