Gap Year in Ghana

Are you ready to make a big difference in the lives of people who not only could really deserve it but who really want it? Are you ready to meet some of the happiest and friendliest people you’ll ever meet, who don’t have half of what you do? If any of these things sound like you then you’re definitely going to want to take a gap year in Ghana. You may even be surprised at this Peace Corp alternative and just what it could do for you and the people in Ghana as well.

Medical/Health Care – if you have any type of medical background or training, whether as a medical student, a nursing student, a nurse or a doctor or anything in between, you can help to provide care to the people in Ghana. This type of medical care could vary from treating minor needs to teaching about medical care and hygiene to caring for those with more serious conditions. But no matter what you’re doing, you’re going to be making a big difference.

Orphanage – There are far too many people living in orphanages in Ghana, and you can help those youth in amazing ways. You can help with their education and with just providing love, support and care for them. Not to mention engaging them in games and playtime with new opportunities they may have never had before. It’s going to be a fun experience and an education one for both you and for them, which is definitely going to make a difference in their future.

Education/Teaching – For those who are interested in actually teaching youth in Ghana you’ll be able to join in with the education and teaching program where you’ll have the opportunity to work with students of all different ages. You’re going to really love the opportunity to teach all different subjects and you’re definitely going to love the opportunity to have some fun and enjoy playtime with those small children as well.

Pre-Medical/Research – If you want to get involved in the medical side but you don’t have a whole lot of medical training you can absolutely join in with these programs. These will allow you the ability to really enjoy the opportunity to conduct research and make some changes and improvements to the medical field within Ghana. All you need to do is be willing to conduct research into some of the topics that are most important in Ghana today.

If you’re looking for a great way to give back and to spend your gap year in Ghana then you’re going to want to take a closer look at each of these programs. You’ll find something that really appeals to you and you’ll definitely be able to have a lot of fun while you’re at it. All you need to do is decide who you’re most interested in helping and then make sure that you’re making the most out of the opportunity to explore Ghana and the people that make this beautiful country their home.


  • Project Length: From 1 week to 8 weeks
  • Arrival Airport: Accra (Code: ACC)
  • Work Schedule: Monday to Friday 8 hours per day
  • Requirements: Tourist Visa. Expect rural living conditions
  • Age Limits: Minimum 17yrs or older for solo travelers.
  • Minimum Age: 12 to 16 yrs if traveling with parents.
  • Airlines: British Air, Delta, United, KLM, Lufthansa
  • Vaccinations: Yellow Fever, Malaria, Hep A, typhoid

Volunteering Projects in Ghana Kasoa

Medical / Health Care

Medical / Health Care

Volunteer in Ghana at a government health center. This very busy, under-staffed Health Center provides general outpatient care, inpatient delivery care and community health outreach education.

By far the most common ailments seen at the health center is malaria and typhoid fever. Community education topics will include identifying symptoms, treatment, and prevention of malaria, as well as gastro intestinal diseases, hypertension, HIV/AIDS, diarrhea and more.

Volunteers with medical training will have a hands-on patient contact including but not limited to blood testing, health checkups, and giving vaccinations. Medical, nursing and undergraduate student volunteers will have the opportunity to observe and shadow the nurses and doctor participate in community outreach projects.

Volunteers hands-on support work will depend on their qualifications, and more importantly the needs of the clinic. Volunteers will be instructed to bring their own medical supplies (gloves, mask, scrubs and donations).



Volunteer in Ghana and support the community efforts to eradicate poor health conditions and poverty. Poverty causes poor health in that without proper resources, treatable diseases such as diarrhea, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and others contribute to disability and mortality within Ghana.

Given the limited resources it is difficult for the hardworking staff to provide basic health care for everyone in the area. This program is suitable for those conducting internships (public health) as well as students and professionals interested in public health in a developing nation.

Volunteers will be part of the public health team outreach research projects which travels and conducts health talks to the students at district schools. All projects are designed, implemented and evaluated in cooperation with community members, local authorities and volunteers.

The Kasoa health programs aim to lift people out of poverty by:

  • Promoting health education
  • Reducing illiteracy
  • Helping to eradicate treatable disease
  • Promoting HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Promoting gender equality

Volunteer Programs in Volta Region

Orphanage / Childcare

Orphanage / Childcare

Volunteer Ghana in an orphanage and work with children that come from a variety of situations including loss of one or both parents, physical and sexual abuse, extreme poverty, and more suffering than many of us can imagine.  Our two orphanage projects have children from 4 years and older.  Most of the children range between 11-14years old.  Many of these children have been denied the chance at an education as well as the basics for survival-food and shelter.

The orphanages we support strive to provide a better future for some of the most vulnerable children in Ghana by providing love, food and informal education. As a volunteer, you will primarily assist with the daily care of the kids; including feeding babies, playing games, teaching songs, reading activities, creating arts & crafts projects and sharing your affection and attention with these wonderful children.

Many volunteers also get involved in repairs and painting as the facilities are in constant need of upkeep.  Come prepared with ideas and be a creative self-starter who can handle situations where schedules do not exist.

Pre-Medical / Research

Volunteer Ghana this is an rare opportunity to help with the extensive health research projects within the Kpando Municipality. This research was a community-based assessment of health needs in the Kpando District. The outcomes showed that there is a high burden of disease caused by infectious diseases. It also showed that access to health care is low due to financial and geographical restraints. There is a lack of adequate equipment, staff, training and drugs and a general lack of hygiene. In all communities poverty and lack of knowledge are considered important underlying causes for health problems and it was recommended to provide health information and education to community members. 

Volunteers will be contributing their time and efforts in the following research areas:

  • HIV/Aids awareness
  • health education
  • disability information
  • maternity health
  • rural community island health assessments

Volunteers will participate in home visits, school drama presentations, information gathering on the topics above, interviewing local people in the community. You will work closely with the local health care facilities, the local ambulance staff, local schools and other local NGOs. Volunteers will be placed depending on their skills, experience and the needs of the ongoing projects. (not all research runs year round). All projects are designed, implemented and evaluated in cooperation with community members, local authorities and volunteers. Every year projects are reviewed to assure applicability and continuity.

  • Volta placements transportation cost is $180 to be added to your invoice.  This is a 4-5 hour journey which may include local bus/lake crossing weather dependent

Medical Healthcare

Support the work at a local health clinic or the regional hospital. Health care volunteer placements are open to all professionals including doctors, physicians assistants, nurses and EMT.  As a medical volunteer you will work with local staff in support of the health care efforts. There is a wide variety of cases but disease such as malaria, HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and syphilis, as well as childbirth/maternity needs are most common.

Volunteers with medical training may participate in direct patient care such as diagnosing, injections, IV starts, maternity needs, checking vitals, changing bandages and lab work.  Nursing and medical students are welcome and assist with tasks like dressing wounds, record and immunization chart keeping, helping dispense medications, helping to screen and organize patients and assisting with administrative needs or outreach project.

  • Volta placements transportation cost is $180 to be added to your invoice.  This is a 4-5 hour journey which may include local bus/lake crossing weather dependent

Teaching Missions

Have the opportunity to make a lasting difference in Ghanaian rural communities through education. Based on government decree, all children have the right to free, compulsory, universal basic education on all levels.

Volunteer placement in the local village school help support pre-school, primary and secondary schools teaching math, science, geography, business education, computer training, English, art and music. The objective of this program is to contribute to the academic development of the Ghanaian school in order to provide the best opportunity for sustainable quality education.

Volunteers are not required to have teaching experience, but need to be resourceful and take initiative as materials are sometimes scarce. Ability to plan and be self-motivated is important, as often you will not have direct supervision. Minimum two week program suggested.

  • Volta placements transportation cost is $180 to be added to your invoice.  This is a 4-5 hour journey which may include local bus/lake crossing weather dependent

Country Info

Ghana Introduction

Are you ready to help people in need, immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and culture of a new country and have the experience of a lifetime? With poverty, disease and a lack of skilled providers putting a strain on important services such as health and childcare in developing countries across the globe, there are many corners of the world which rely on the help of volunteer travelers like yourself.

Volunteer in Ghana with A Broader View Volunteers a top rated non-profit charity organization, which works tirelessly to support our wonderful volunteers and serve the local communities where our volunteer programs are located. Placements in Ghana are based in the city of Kasoa. Program placements are tailored to the volunteers different interests and skill sets, but still allow volunteers time to explore the African local culture and activities during their free time.

The type of programs in Ghana vary widely, offering everything from education to health care. Volunteers can choose between 7 program opportunities in the orphanage. International volunteer help is not only appreciated by the local community, it is severely needed by the millions of Ghanians living below the poverty line. With thousands of children living and working on the streets, as is so often the case in developing countries like Ghana, our volunteer programs are designed to support the needs of local teens and children in desperate need of assistance.

Many of our volunteer abroad programs cater to underprivileged women and children’s care, education and health requirements. Our extensive range of social programs near Accra, Ghana programs include: Orphanage Care, teaching, Medical, HIV awareness, Pre Medical/nurse students, women development and many more.

Volunteering in Ghana is an incredibly rewarding experience. We welcome volunteers of all ages and from all backgrounds to join us. Whether you’re seeking volunteer abroad programs for college students or voluntary work for over 60s, as a trusted non-profit organization which prioritizes the safety of our volunteers, we are the go-to for volunteers across the globe. We also offer customized programs with flexible arrival dates to best suit the needs of the remarkable volunteers we depend on to help us make the world a better place.

If you’d like to volunteer, Ghana is just one of the countries we’ve taken under our wing, supplying a steady flow of volunteers and providing year-round financial support to local projects in near Ghana. Wherever you decide to volunteer, A Broader View give you the opportunity to participate in meaningful community service work, learn a foreign language, make lifelong friends and discover that one person really can make a difference. Your search for the best volunteer abroad programs ends here – volunteer in Ghana with us and gain A Broader View of the world.


Richard Coordinator Ghana

Welcome to Ghana! 🇬🇭. My name is Richard and i am your ABV coordinator while you are staying in Kasoa. Our country has one big city, Accra. But you will be working in Kasoa. We will be ready for support 24/7 in case you need to contact us urgently. We will introduce you to your volunteer location and staff. You are most welcome to seek our assistance and don’t hesitate to ask us questions while in country.

You are most welcome to seek our assistance and don’t hesitate to ask us questions while in country.


Ghana has a tropical climate with daily temperatures ranging between 25º C and 35º C (77 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit). It can be very humid at times, but there is always the sea breeze which ensures that there is a little refreshment.

In the north of Ghana it is drier and warmer because of the influence of the Sahara. The rainy season in the North lasts from April to October. In the south from April to June and a second rainy season in September and October. This means that every one or two days, mostly in the evening there is a big downpour of rain for one or two hours. In the dry season, from December to March the harmattan wind blows from the Sahara across the country. The means there is a continuous "sand fog" in the air. Best to avoid Ghana in these months.

Reviews & Multimedia


My overall experience about the program is very good. I was welcomed by the locals with open hands; my host family was super friendly, supportive and was a pleasure to spend time with. I didn’t happen to have any security or health issues or concerns.

ABV Volunteer - Alvyra


Nationality: Lithuania

Age: 24

A Broader View was incredible in preparing us for this journey. I was very nervous, but ABV took us step by step through all the processes we need to ready us for this trip. Also, we felt very comfortable asking questions and they were immediately responsive.

ABV Volunteer - Theresa


Nationality: USA

Age: 70

Overall my experience in Ghana was one that I enjoyed. My host family was wonderful; the locals are friendly and the landscapes are breathtaking. I cannot wait to come back to Ghana as a traveler to see more of the country.

ABV Volunteer - Alexine


Nationality: USA

Age: 24

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Prices for Ghana

Program Fees

Since A Broader View Volunteers is a 501c(3) charitable organization, You can fundraise (optional) for the expenses of the trip after you get confirmed in our programs. Prices are per person and in US dollars (US$).

Length of programProgram Fee $USD
1 week $820
2 weeks $995
3 weeks $1290
4 weeks $1290
5 weeks $1490
6 weeks $1490
7 weeks $1690
8 weeks $1690
9 weeks $1840
10 weeks $1990
11 weeks $2140
12 weeks $2290


  • Accommodation: Home Stay or onsite in Orphanage
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • Arrival: Airport meet and greet by ABV Staff
  • Orientation: Project Overview On-Site
  • Support: Pre-trip written guide, In-country ABV staff available 24/7
  • Departure: ABV Staff Escorted Airport Transfer

Extra costs: Flights to Ghana. Entry Visa. Vaccinations. Local Transportation. Travel & Health Insurance. Laundry and Internet

General Information

Meals & Food

Volunteers are usually provided breakfast, lunch and dinner at their accommodation during the week and weekends (read the website for detail description of the meals or ask our staff online). Breakfast typically consists of toast, fruit, eggs, cereal accompanied with milk, tea or coffee. Dinner usually includes: meat (cow, chicken), potato, rice, vegetables, spaghetti and a variety of western food. Volunteers can be away from their accommodation mid-day so they take a lunch bag or they go back home. We recommend budgeting between US$5 and US$10 per day to purchase lunch if you don't return to the host family, let the host family know if you change the lunch plans. If you have specific dietary requirements, our local teams and home-stays can customize to you but be flexible as well.

Start Dates

Most of our programs run year round, you can start any volunteer/internship program on any day. When you apply you will lets know your start and end dates. Our programs run year round and have volunteers arriving almost every day from many different countries.

Since our programs sometimes depend on the local holiday calendar, there are brief occasions when normal programs work is suspended. For example, schools/daycares often close for long winter/summer vacations. During these times, we arrange for alternative work programs that are similar in substance to our ongoing programs, but address the short-term, direct needs of the local communities.

If you would like to arrange your start and end dates around the local holidays, please call us at 1.866.423.3258 or email us at [email protected].

Giving Matters

A Broader View Volunteers work tirelessly year round to support our volunteers, and also to serve the local communities where ABV projects are based. As a tax-exempt 501 c(3) organization A Broader View receive 100% of our funding from volunteer contributions. Through your program fee contribution our non-profit charity organization can operate beneficial humanitarian aid programs which are successful and continuous supported year round.

Local, professional full-time coordinators, placement logistics, airport pick up and departure transportation, arrival orientation, food & local accommodations, are a major part of providing a safe, meaningful volunteer experience. When you join A Broader View, you will receive pre-trip visa and vaccination support, assistance with flights, fundraising planning, through our interactive online volunteer portal. Our local partners not only benefit from volunteers valuable contributions at the project, they benefit financially with year-round monetary support from A Broader View. In the last decade A Broader View has donated over 4.5 million dollars in international aid.

By joining A Broader View you are not only helping to make a difference during your own trip, your impact will last even after you go home.

How may we help you?!

How may we help you?!

Our staff has extensive travel and volunteer abroad experience. We have the answers to all your questions about volunteering with ABV. We can customize any of our programs to your needs and dates.

Call/chat with our team members:

(1) 215 780 1845 [email protected]

Language Immersion:

* Price in US dollars
Toll Free: US/CA (1) 866-423-3258