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Our service-based voluntary travel programs continue to focus on sustainable development, community, and diversity.

ABV Volunteers programs offer invaluable support to local communities across the globe. More than ever, the contribution of our volunteers in terms of local time, expertise, and expenditures is critical to helping these communities recover. We understand the lingering uncertainty surrounding travel planning can be unsettling. Contact us to determine where you can travel and what our health and safety procedures are. Learn about current travel restrictions, as well as our flexible change policies. Get involved today, travel responsibly, and act as agents of positive change.

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Help Others in Need During A Gap Year Abroad

Taking a gap year abroad is a fantastic experience, but it's even better when you invest it in a life-changing experience like volunteering in a country in need. You have many reasons to take a gap year overseas; making new friends, seeing the world, gaining work experience, and so on. But what if you did all of those things while helping somebody who really needs it?

That's exactly what you can do with A Broader View. We organize volunteering trips for people who wish to travel the world and help others in return.

Why Take a Gap Year Abroad Volunteering?

When you join the volunteers of A Broader View, you not only get to know people who, like you, wish to make something meaningful with their life but also gain superb work experience. Volunteering during your gap year is a career booster, not only for college applications but also for many job opportunities, independently of the career you already have or pretend to course. This opportunity allows you to see different worldwide realities and helps you gain brand new skills. Since you will be facing daily challenges and making a good impact on other people's life. Essentially, you empower others and receive many experiences and long-lasting memories.

Our Programs for Your Gap Year Overseas

We have 245 programs that take place in 4 continents and 25 different countries. Each program is designed to work on specific needs of a particular community or group of people. We work in many different areas, such as medical, social, cultural, educational, human rights, environmentalism, therapy, sports, dance, and even dental help. You are invited to scroll over our programs and find one that you feel identified with..

Applying for a Gap Year with A Broader View

To apply for any of our programs, you first need to review them carefully. Once you choose one, you contact us through email, chat, or phone call, and that's how your gap year starts. We welcome everyone who wishes to help somebody, what we request from you is to be older than 17 and to have a lot of patience and passion for the volunteer work. We need flexible people who can overcome obstacles and have a passion for learning new skills. Despite that A Broader View is a nonprofit volunteer travel organization and receive anyone who can help, we still need to filter all applications to make sure you are applying for the best program you can work in, and also to confirm theirs a free spot to receive you.

Start Your Gap Year Abroad With a Group of Friends

If you and your friends or family have a huge desire of starting your gap year abroad helping others in need, A Broader View welcomes groups of 5 or more people on board. As long as they have more than 17 years old and want to help, we can work with groups of people who already know each other, and make a real change in the world. Contact us now and start the gap year you have in mind with the best intentions.

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