Gap Year Destinations

A Broader View (ABV) offers you the ultimate in international volunteering. For UK citizens who are looking for the ultimate volunteering placements, ABV gives you the best shot at finding the opportunity you need. A US-based 501 c(3) nonprofit, we have helped countless UK citizens embark on the volunteer adventure of their dreams. By taking a look at our list of locations below, you can take your first step in being the next volunteer who leaves their mark on the world through ABV!

Here’s the deal: ABV provides more volunteer opportunities than you’ll find just about anywhere. This is because we operate in twenty-seven different nations over three continents. Whether you’re looking to work in Africa, Asia, Central America, or South America, you can count on ABV to have a quality volunteering opportunity for you. This means that you can delve into Indian culture while working in local orphanages or bring valuable medical assistance to the plains of Africa—it’s totally up to you! Our extensive outreach provides you with the perfect platform to get out there and make a difference in the world.

Our programs focus primarily on bringing disadvantaged communities the medical, educational, and housing support they need to advance and thrive. Through your efforts, you’ll be able to impact local youth, develop communities, and provide a more stable foundation on which families can build their future. We’re proud to say that we’ve helped thousands of people since our inception in 2007—but none of it would be possible without volunteers like you.

For this reason, we encourage you to check out our full list of volunteer locations. Our programs provide you with incredible diversity in terms of climate, culture, and natural geography. This means that you can customize your trip to fit your travel needs! Want to go somewhere tropical? Central American locations such as Belize and Costa Rica are popular options and give you the opportunity to work directly on or near the water. If you have your heart set on somewhere drier and less humid, you may want to check out the safaris of Africa, where disadvantaged communities in rural areas count on volunteers like you to survive.

No matter what, you’ll be sure to have the experience of a lifetime with ABV. Our dedicated staff will work with you every step of the way so that you can undergo volunteering placements and enjoy a travel experience like no other. We are excited about our UK volunteers and what you can do to make the world a better place. If you’re ready to bring quality assistance to the communities who need it the most, it’s time that you found the destination that works best for you. With over 345 unique programs, you’re sure to find the right volunteer project for you in a destination you will love.

So don’t wait! A full list of our destinations can be found below. We invite you to browse through them and apply today when you find the one that works best for you!

Affordable Best Volunteer Abroad Trips Kenya 2020

Are you ready to take on a Gap Year trip but you’re still not quite sure where you want to go? Well, if that sounds like you then you might want to take a closer look at Kenya. You’ll find some amazing opportunities to give back and you’re going to have the opportunity to explore a truly amazing country while you’re at it.

Affordable Best Volunteer Abroad Trips Uganda 2020

Are you ready to take a trip to Uganda? Maybe you’ve already done some of the research and you know that Uganda is an amazing place to go. Maybe you just did some research about the type of programs there.

Volunteer Colombia

Colombia is one of the most beautiful countries in Latin America. In fact, Cartagena, a coastal city, is very famous for being the home of stunning landscapes and clear-water beaches. Despite this, there are still needed people to volunteer Colombia.

Volunteer in Argentina

Ready to take a gap year in Argentina? Have you ever thought about taking some time to explore this beautiful country? If you have then you should absolutely take a look at volunteering in Argentina rather than just taking your time to enjoy the country and experience the beauty of what’s going on around the area. You might be surprised what you’ll actually find here, because it’s beautiful and truly a wonderful place for tourists to explore. But it’s also a country that can use your help.

Gap Year in Bolivia

Taking a gap year before you head off to university is always a great opportunity, but it’s something that not everyone believes is the best fit for them. Maybe you’re not sure it’s going to be the best use of your time, or you’re not quite sure what you’re going to do on your gap year. Well, if you’re not certain then you may want to look into a gap year in Bolivia as a Peace Corp alternative. And a way that you can still give back in some amazing ways.

Volunteer in Cambodia

Are you ready to take a gap year but you’re just not sure how you can make the most of it? Well, one way that you can really make the most of your trip is by taking a gap year in Cambodia. With this type of experience you’re going to have something that you can put on your resume, whether you’re going to university or a job and something that you’re not going to forget. You’ll also be able to really enjoy the experience of giving back to some people who desperately need it and definitely appreciate it.

Volunteer in Cameroon

Are you considering taking a gap year but you’re not quite sure? Well, let’s start by saying that a gap year can be a great way for you to learn more about yourself and to get ready for the rigors that come along with heading off to university. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in something entirely different than what you’re used to, and you’re also going to have a great experience, especially if you take your gap year in Cameroon. But just why would you want to? Well, we’re going to tell you all about it.

Gap Year in China

If you’re ready to plan out your gap year then you’re definitely going to want to consider China as one of your options. You might even be surprised at how many great things you can do in this country and how much you could be improving the lives of those around you. In China, the two main programs that are offered with A Broader View are to help the people in this country learn conversational English and to work with the giant pandas to help them thrive.

Gap Year in El Salvador

Spending time giving back to others can be an amazing experience for anyone. And when you can also learn a great deal about yourself in the process that makes it even better. So, how do you make sure that you’re making the most of your experience? A gap year in El Salvador could be exactly what you need to have a great time. With this trip you’re going to have no problem giving back, exploring the world, and spending time in an entirely new way. What could be better than that?

Volunteer in Ghana

Are you ready to make a big difference in the lives of people who not only could really deserve it but who really want it? Are you ready to meet some of the happiest and friendliest people you’ll ever meet, who don’t have half of what you do? If any of these things sound like you then you’re definitely going to want to take a gap year in Ghana. You may even be surprised at this Peace Corp alternative and just what it could do for you and the people in Ghana as well.

Volunteer in India

A Broader View offers incredible volunteer opportunities for Brits looking to volunteer in India. One of the oldest and most storied nations in the world, India has a lot to offer for any traveler. From incredible architecture to some of the world’s most influential religions, India is home to incredible cultural sites that you won’t want to miss out on. Despite the nation’s unique and formidable history, however, it remains mired in poverty and struggles to develop into a modern economy.

Volunteering in Kenya

Taking a gap year in Kenya is a way that you can make an impact on so much more than you even realize. That’s because the people of Kenya are in desperate need of the support that you can provide them and the only way they’re going to get it is with your help. By working with these individuals in a program that you feel most strongly about you’re going to be making a huge difference in their way of life and in their future. And that’s something you’re going to carry with you forever.

Gap Year in Malawi

Taking a gap year is a great way to get a break before you decide what you want to do with your adult life. Maybe you want to head to university or maybe you want to enter right into the workforce. But you don’t want to make a decision immediately. After all, you just got out of school so why would you immediately want to jump back in? Well, a gap year in Malawi could be the answer to your problem. You’ll be able to take some time off from school, but also give back at the same time.

Volunteer in Mexico

Are you ready to make the most out of your gap year? If you are then you should absolutely be taking a gap year in Mexico. You’ll be able to have an amazing time and also give back to a community that can definitely use your help. You may not think it to look at those postcards and images of the beautiful beaches and sprawling resorts of Mexico, but that’s not the reality for far too many of the people who live there. And it’s definitely not a good reality for some of the animals that live there.

Volunteer in Mongolia

When is the last time that you took a trip to another country? Maybe it hasn’t been that long at all, or maybe it’s been a very long time. Well, no matter when the last time was that you traveled, it may have been a lot longer since you last volunteered. And that’s definitely something you’re going to want to look into doing. If you’re thinking about taking a gap year at all, you should absolutely consider taking that gap year in Mongolia. You’ll be amazed at the opportunity.

Volunteer Nicaragua

If you’re considering taking a gap year you should definitely be considering Nicaragua as the next country that you want to travel to. You could be taking your gap year here and learning a whole lot more about the people, the culture and the community of a place that you’ve likely never traveled to and maybe even never thought about traveling to. The best thing you can do is keep expanding your horizons and looking for amazing opportunities. They’re all around you.

Volunteer in Rwanda

What have you been thinking about doing with your gap year? Have you been thinking about just taking some time to yourself? Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a job. Or maybe you’ve been thinking about traveling abroad. What if you could travel abroad, take some time to yourself and get a job all at the same time? Taking a gap year in Rwanda is going to give you the opportunity to do all of these things with a volunteer program that’s a Peace Corp alternative.

Volunteer in South Africa

Taking a gap year can mean something different to different people. To some it means taking a year off to find yourself or get to know who you want to be. To others it means taking a year to work and earn some money before heading off to school. For some it’s just about having fun. No matter what your gap year is about, taking a gap year in South Africa can greatly improve your entire life and it can make a huge difference for the people who live there as well.

Volunteer in Sri Lanka

For Brits, there’s no better way to experience Sri Lanka than by volunteering with A Broader View. This amazing island nation, which is nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean just outside the Bay of Bengal, is the perfect spot for your next adventure holiday. If you’re looking to volunteer in a place that’s steeped in both culture and incredible natural scenery, there’s simply no better place than this historic nation.

Volunteer in Tanzania

A Broader View has the perfect volunteering opportunity for you! A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, A Broader View builds a global network of volunteers who are passionate about reducing the affects of poverty across the world.

Volunteering in Thailand

Have you ever thought about taking a gap year in Thailand? Have you ever thought about taking a gap year at all? Well, there are a number of reasons that you should. And they definitely center around all of the things that you can learn. You’ll be able to showcase some of the skills that you already have as well as developing new ones. You’ll be able to give back to people who really need and want your help. You’ll be able to explore a new country and a new culture. And all of that is just the basics.

Gap Year in Uganda

A Broader View makes Gap years in Uganda easier than ever. For Brits looking to take the next step and begin volunteering in this East African nation, we offer a variety of programs that you can take advantage of immediately to begin making a difference in the world. Our Uganda programs are flexible and diverse and give you the opportunity to help those in need in a variety of ways. As one of the leaders in international volunteering, we encourage you to keep reading to find out more about why you should volunteer in Uganda and why you should choose ABV.

Gap Year in Vietnam

Have you given any thought to where you’re going to spend your gap year? Maybe you’ve already decided that you’re going to take one but you don’t quite know where you want to go or what you want to do just yet. Well, we’re here to tell you that you should take your gap year in Vietnam. You’ll have an amazing opportunity, get to meet some wonderful people and you’ll be able to give back in a community that could greatly use the help that you have to offer.

Volunteer Zambia

When you think of Zambia you may think of Victoria Falls or maybe you think of the game reserves and the amazing animals that live there. What you may not think about are the thousands of children living in poverty or the people who are suffering from the AIDS epidemic. You may not think about the fact that this is actually one of the poorest countries in the entire world, suffering from food shortages and poverty and corruption at every turn. But those are things that you could make a difference in if you choose to take a gap year in Zambia.

Volunteer in Peru

Are you planning to go on vacations to Peru? Perhaps taking a gap year? How about taking a few months off before going to college or starting a new job? If that’s your goal, why not enjoy your vacations and make a mission trip Peru at the same time?

Volunteer in Guatemala

You probably never thought you would end up in an ancient Mayan city helping people in adverse conditions, did you? Either way, thank you for being interesting in volunteering Guatemala.

Volunteer in Nepal

You have probably heard of Nepal and its many natural wonders, including the famous Everest Mountain. And it’s for sure one of your top vacation destinations in mind, but what if besides knowing this marvelous country, you also go into Nepal mission trips.

Short Term Volunteer Abroad Programs Mission Trips

Have you looked at Gap Year programs but you’re just not sure if they’re meant for you? Maybe you’ve seen the host of long trips and programs and you’re not so sure that it’s really a good idea. After all, you don’t have months to take off of work as high school students can over the summer.

Volunteering in Costa Rica

The reason you are visiting us is because you are curious about the experience of volunteering Costa Rica.

Volunteer in Ecuador

Did you ever think you would end up in Quito, Ecuador doing some volunteering? Well, now it's the time! With A Broader View, you can start your mission trip Ecuador right now.

Volunteer in Chile

Are you looking forward to take a gap year Chile? Or perhaps, you may be searching information about this country to take a break from your routine. But what if you could do that, while doing something meaningful for people who need your help?

Volunteer in Honduras

We all want to do something meaningful with our lives, but if we look around and actually help those who need it the most, this task would be less hard to achieve. That’s why taking a gap year Honduras as a volunteer is an excellent choice.

Volunteer in Belize

It's hard to imagine that that paradisiac beach you would like to spend the summer at is also the home of many people who live in poverty. But what's easy in this context, is to start volunteering Belize.

Volunteers in Laos

If you’re getting ready to head off to university you may want to think about your options. In fact, you may want to think about taking a gap year that will give you the opportunity to learn something new, to give back to the community, to explore a new part of the world and even to put your skills to work. All of those things are absolutely possible if you know just the right place to go. And you can look for a Peace Corp alternative too, by taking your gap year in Laos with A Broader View.

Women Over 50 Traveling Together Volunteering Abroad

Are you looking for an amazing experience that will get you outside of your comfort zone and also give back to a wonderful community? If you are then it’s definitely time for you to start looking at different opportunities for travel abroad.

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How may we help you?!

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