Gap Year in Cambodia

Are you ready to take a gap year but you’re just not sure how you can make the most of it? Well, one way that you can really make the most of your trip is by taking a gap year in Cambodia. With this type of experience you’re going to have something that you can put on your resume, whether you’re going to university or a job and something that you’re not going to forget. You’ll also be able to really enjoy the experience of giving back to some people who desperately need it and definitely appreciate it.

The country of Cambodia is one that is just starting to come into its own as far as tourism, however a large percentage of the population still lives in abject poverty. That’s something that you can help with by teaching them skills and working with them on new activities and opportunities. But you’ll first need to be able to get there and work with them. Our Peace Corp alternative is designed to give you exactly that opportunity, so you can give the same opportunity to the people who live here.

Cambodia is a beautiful country and the many people who have started to travel there are definitely starting to realize that. But not enough people are traveling there to improve the country entirely on its own. Instead, they need your help and support to improve the conditions for the people who live there. Once that happens they’ll be able to start improving the entire country themselves as well and that’s going to make a huge difference in their lives and the way that their families continue to live and survive.

By working with the children in this country you’re going to be starting from the bottom, teaching them skills that will serve them throughout their entire lives. Even more, you’re going to be helping them to become even better people as well. You’ll be able to work with them on educational skills like English, reading and writing. But you’re also going to be able to work with them on things like just having some fun and playing games. All of these things are going to help them in one way or another and they’re going to be more than happy to have you there to support them.

If you’re looking for a great way to spend your gap year then a gap year in Cambodia is definitely the way to go. This is a beautiful country that has a little of everything that you’re looking for, and some of the most amazing people you’ll find anywhere in the world. All they need is a little bit of your help and they’re going to be better off than ever before. Are you ready and willing to travel to Cambodia and see what there is really is to offer? They are definitely going to appreciate

Volunteering Projects in Cambodia Phnom Penh


  • Project Length: From 3 weeks to 12 weeks
  • Arrival Airport: Phnom Penh (Code: PNH)
  • Work Schedule: Monday to Friday 6-8 hours per day
  • Requirements: Tourist Visa + Police Check
  • Age Limits: Minimum 18yrs or older for solo travelers.
  • Airlines: Korean Air, China Easter, Qatar Airways, Delta, United, Thai Airways
  • Vaccinations: Typhoid and Hep A


  • Accommodation: Home Stay or onsite at orphanage
  • Meals: 2 Meals
  • Arrival: Airport meet and greet by ABV Staff
  • Orientation: Project Overview and Orientation
  • Support: Pre-trip written guide, In-country ABV staff available 24/7
  • Departure: ABV Staff Escorted Airport Transfer

Not included:

  • Flights.  Entry Visa. Departure taxes. Vaccinations. Local Transportation. Travel & Health Insurance. Laundry and Internet

Language Immersion:

* Price in US dollars
Toll Free: US/CA (1) 866-423-3258