Nursing Mission Trips for Pre Nurse & Professional Nurses

Are you looking for a way that you can make a huge difference in the world because of your nursing degree? If you are then you can (and should) check out volunteering abroad. You’ll have the opportunity to help out in areas of the world where healthcare is rarely even heard of let along actually provided to the extent that it’s needed.

Nursing Students & Professional Nurses

Are you looking for a way that you can make a huge difference in the world because of your nursing degree? If you are then you can (and should) check out volunteering abroad Nurse Mission Trip. You’ll have the opportunity to help out in areas of the world where healthcare is rarely even heard of let along actually provided to the extent that it’s needed. Not only that but you can make a huge difference in the lives of hundreds and thousands of poverty-stricken, impoverished communities. As an overseas volunteer, you have the unique opportunity to do something that no one else can, save lives.

As a healthcare worker and a volunteer, you can combine the desire that you have to help others with a strong need that exists in countries other than your own. Not only that but you’ll be able to learn additional skills, build up your resume and learn about how to treat and care for different communities. And all of that comes in a distant second to the ability to genuinely help people who live a completely different life than your own, but likely need it more than most.

What Can You Actually Do as a Nurse Abroad?

The truth is that you can do a number of amazing things by volunteering abroad. And you can do even more things if you have a medical degree or any type of medical background to help out. That’s because there’s always work that needs to be done in the multitude of clinics, hospitals, and mobile care units that are throughout these underprivileged communities and countries. Even those who don’t have an extensive medical background can make a huge difference and will be able to help those who do to provide care for thousands within the community.

  • Provide vaccinations and basic first aid

  • Take vitals and develop patient histories

  • Sterilize instruments and complete paperwork

  • Prepare clinics and mobile centers for patient intake

  • Observe local staff to learn more about healthcare practices

  • Conduct home visits to provide healthcare to homebound patients

  • Conduct surveys to understand the most needed healthcare and medical needs

  • Educate individuals and families regarding hygiene, healthcare and family planning

  • Shadow doctors and other medical professionals

  • Maintain a clean and orderly medical environment

  • Assist patients with general medical tips and hygiene advice

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There are a number of things that could be done within these communities and without these things, the people in the community are falling extremely ill or suffering from illnesses that could be prevented or easily treated in other parts of the world. If you can provide these types of care to people wouldn’t you want to? Wouldn’t you want to be part of the solution and part of the answer to all of the problems that are going on within the world? Providing healthcare to those most in need is definitely a great way that you can do just that.

The Different Nursing Volunteer Programs

Let’s take a look at several of the different programs that are available within the field of Nursing. Maybe you’re already a nurse or you have training as a nurse. Or maybe you’re in a different area of the medical field. Well, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the opportunities that are out there for each of the different categories of medical professionals and definitely within different countries and parts of the world that can use them the most. You might be surprised at all of the different opportunities that are available.

Medical Programs

When it comes to medical programs as a whole there are a number of things that you could be doing including providing basic checkups, providing vaccinations and HIV testing and working with patients on vitals and other basic needs. These individuals may also provide more advanced care and levels of treatment that include surgery and more. Of course, these programs are for more advanced medical students and are always performed under the supervision of a doctor. There are several different programs available for these students and they are located in all different parts of the world.

Individuals looking to get involved in medical programs are welcome to join those that are currently in Honduras, Guatemala, Nepal, Tanzania, Peru, Ghana and Zambia. Each of these programs provides some form of a medical center, whether a hospital, health clinic or mobile unit, which provides medical care and support to patients that are located throughout the poor regions. Professionals and students within every level of education are invited to attend these types of programs and to provide support for the patients that are most in need. But there are more opportunities available as well.

Nursing Programs

The nursing programs are designed to provide full-fledged nurses or nursing students with the opportunity to aid in real medical procedures and care for patients. These individuals are going to be responsible for many of the tasks that they would be responsible for in a traditional office or hospital setting. This means that the individuals will take vital signs, take patient histories and otherwise aid the doctor in anything and everything that they need including medical procedures. Nurses are desperately needed in a number of different programs and different parts of the world, and, in general, in all the areas where another medical support is needed.

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The programs for nursing include areas such as Honduras, Guatemala, Nepal, Tanzania, Peru, Ghana, and Zambia. In each of these areas, there is a great deal of need for medical professionals and nursing personnel are definitely in high demand. Even if doctors are available there is always the need for those who can properly assist them with procedures and with the care of a patient after a procedure. Nurses are also able to help educate patients on proper care after their procedures, basic hygiene, and illness care. There are many ways that a nursing professional can make a difference in the lives of those within these communities.

Mission Trip Dental Programs

Additionally, there are several dental programs that allow students and professionals within the space to provide the right level or oral hygiene care to the patients who are in need of it. These individuals are able to work with patients on general oral health as well as more advanced care that includes orthodontics and maxillofacial care. All of these can be performed by full-fledged dentists as well as aided by dental students or those who are looking for internship opportunities. There are a number of ways that these individuals can make a huge difference within the world.

Students and those looking to help out with dental programs will have a range of different options of just where they want to go. In fact, there are programs in Honduras, Guatemala, Nepal, Tanzania, and Peru. In each of these regions there is a great deal of need, and in other areas as well. In fact, there may, in the future, be additional programs that dental care is needed for and there may also be additional regions where these individuals can travel, however, the programs in Ghana and Zambia do not provide this type of care at this time.

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Volunteer Therapy/Rehabilitation Programs

While there are currently not a lot of opportunities for this type of treatment and medical care, there is also a need for therapy and rehabilitation specialists and professionals to aid in different countries as well. These individuals are able to help patients who are in great need of physical assistance so that they can return to their lives as before. Physical infirmity, in areas where poverty is an extreme problem, can make it even more likely that the individual will suffer from starvation and other illness.

Though this program is currently only available in Ecuador, and specifically in Quito, there is some possibility that the program will continue to expand. The ability to provide physical therapy and rehabilitation to those who need it is extremely important. With so many people interested in volunteering and always looking for new ways to help out, it is possible that there will be enough physical therapists and enough additional support to continue growing the programs and looking for different parts of the world that could benefit from this type of care.

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Midwifery Program

Children are born at far greater rates in most underprivileged areas than anywhere else in the world and that’s why it’s so important to teach proper care for infants within the region. This is especially true because of the immense number of young mothers and the lack of knowledge around family planning and prevention of pregnancy. Through these types of programs it’s possible for a professional to work with the women in a specific region to help them better understand what they could be doing to protect themselves. There is even prenatal care for pregnant women and checkups and care during and after the pregnancy as well.

This is another program that is currently limited in scope. In fact, the only program for this currently available is in Uganda. However, there is still a great deal of need for care in the way of midwifery. Young women and girls who get pregnant and their infants are in great need of help and a better understanding of what it’s going to mean for them. Young girls and women who are not yet pregnant need better advice and information about how to keep themselves from getting pregnant as well and this can be done through these programs.

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Providing the Care That’s Needed

If you’re interested in providing care for those that are most in need then you should absolutely take a look at some of the programs that are available. There are a number of different programs and a number of different countries that you can visit. Whether you’re looking for a way to provide medical care and skills, nursing care of dental care, you’re going to find plenty of opportunities to make the most of your abilities and a way to help those who need you. These are adults and children who have never had access to the type of care that you could provide.

These are individuals who may never again get this kind of access and yet, you are setting them up for something truly remarkable in their lives. You are teaching them about the type of care that they can provide for themselves and about the basic necessities within their lives. You are showing them what true hygiene is and what it means to look after their loved ones. You are helping them to actually get out of their own way and to start making a difference in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

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Medical Volunteer care of all types is generally considered a basic thing by people within our country, but to those in underprivileged countries it’s considered a luxury that they just couldn’t possibly understand. That’s why it’s so important to look for ways that you can help others and ways that you can continue to improve the world for those people. Whether you have extensive medical knowledge or only minimal knowledge you can absolutely help provide better care than they have ever had before. It’s a fulfilling experience and it’s definitely one that you can achieve wherever you want to go.

The Bottom Line

Take a little time and look at the different countries that are out there and in need of these types of care. You may find one that you want to spend some time at. You may decide to split your time between several different countries so you can help as many people as possible. Maybe you want to extend your trip and stay even longer. No matter what the purpose or where you’re going, there’s a great deal that can be done to help those who are most in need throughout the world. You could be the answer to everything that they’ve been waiting for.

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So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for the ultimate healthcare hands-on experience, it’s time that you volunteered through ABV. One thing’s for sure: you won’t regret it!

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