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Honduras: Medical / Dental Healthcare

Unfortunately, the public health care system in Honduras is one of the worst in Latin America. Fortunately in La Ceiba the recently opened Public Hospital is trying to serve the most impoverished people in the community.  Since there are very few affordable hospitals even most middle class families use the Public hospitals.  However, medically trained healthcare professionals and students are needed since the hospital is still poorly-equipped and under staffed.

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Peru: Medical / Healthcare

Clinical placements are based in public hospitals, small clinics, and a regional hospital in Cusco. Volunteers seeking a hands on "clinical" experience are required to be healthcare professionals or currently enrolled medical/nursing/dental students - and provide us their credentials or current enrollment status information.  As a medical/nurse/dental volunteer you should expect to shadow, as well as have some hands on work.  Expect to be part of a team. These program are as much about learning about universal health care, as it is to offer hands on assistance to the local medical staff who you will be working with.

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Guatemala: Medical Program (Xela)

In Guatemala there are networks of public health centers offering free of charge care.  One of these centers is located in the town of Xela. Volunteer in an outpatient environment which caters to poor families living in Xela. Spanish speaking volunteers with a health back ground (medical/nursing students, EMT) are welcome. Patients see vary between 200-300 per day.

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Nepal: Medical/Health

Experienced professionals (medical/nursing) as well as 3rd/4th year medical/nursing students are welcome. In Kathmandu we are partners with a general, community hospital (nonprofit) that serves the poor. The patients are primarily from rural villages. The hospital is quite busy with a caseload of approximately 200 per day. This is a full-service hospital and you will rotate all phases of care and all departments including a remarkable change to scrub-in and observe surgery.

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Uganda: Medical/Healthcare (Bulenga)

Volunteers with medical experience are welcome at the village community health clinic.  This is a very basic center with limited medical equipment, medicine or advanced care.  Most patients are dealing with symptoms of malaria, TB, malnutrition as well as HIV/Aids. Volunteers will medical experience are welcome, and those 3rd and 4th year medical/nursing students also. Expect very limited resources, expect to shadow and offer hands on support, both to outpatients and also on home visits (when given). This is a challenging placement and not for the light hearted!

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Ecuador: Medical / Dental

Experienced professionals and medical/nursing students are placed in a public community clinic (Centro de Salud) which serves about 150-200 patients per day. The staff consist of 35 professionals in different areas of general medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, hospitalization, emergency ER, cardiology and lab.

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Philippines: Medical Healthcare

The culture of the Philippines is a combination of Asian and Spanish influence. The people are an ethnic mix of Malay, Chinese, Spanish, American, and Indian. Since the Spaniards dominated the Philippines for over 300 years, many of their traditions, and holidays originate from the Spaniards. Over 90% of the country is Christian and 80% of these are Catholics. Local feasts for patron saints are some of the popular catholic celebrations. Religion plays an important role in the lives of the Filipinos.

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Zambia: Medical/HIV Healthcare

Volunteer at a local hospice and medical health center in Lusaka. This center facilitates the training of care takers, has an out-patient department (which supports over 4000 people), special care units, in-patient wards (for 35 patients), mobile hospice project for outreach and the Anti-Retro Viral therapy program, and counseling services.  Volunteers in this center would  support these on-going programs with clinical work, administration, patient charting, and any other means required of you.  The hospice is located in Lusaka and is offering quite advance support for the community.

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Tanzania: Medical / Dental Healthcare

Volunteers with professional credentials, or those currently enrolled in medical/nursing school are welcome at a district hospital outside of Arusha.  Patient count can vary from day to day. Since many health centers lack modern facilities, or have broken equipment and lack of staff, the placements are very challenging. However volunteers will have a physician to shadow and work with. Volunteers need to bring their own medical equipment, gloves, lab coat, medical scrubs and appropriate shoes.

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Ghana: Medical Healthcare

Volunteers support the work at a local health clinic or the regional hospital.  Health care volunteer placements are open to all professionals including doctors, physicians assistants, nurses and EMT.  As a medical volunteer you will work with local staff in support of the health care efforts. There is a wide variety of cases but disease such as malaria, HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and syphilis, as well as childbirth/maternity needs are most common.

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Guatemala: Medical Program (Alotenango)

In Guatemala there are networks of public health centers offering free of charge care.  One of these centers is located in the town of Alotenango, located about 6 miles outside of Antigua. This is a fully outpatient environment and caters to poor families living in this rural community.  Health care trained volunteers, and medical mission groups are welcome.  Spanish speaking volunteers with a health back ground (medical/nursing students, EMT) are welcome.

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A Broader View Volunteer (ABV)  allows every traveler to choose their own program start date. This means you can arrive on any flight, any day of the week. Since ABV program fees are 100% tax deductible* we encourage you to fund raise. ABV offers advice and assistance with flight planning, affordable travel insurance, as well as procuring a visa, if necessary. Our ABV staff is available to any your questions. Contact us by email, through the on-line chat feature on our website or call us toll free at 866-423-3258.

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