Volunteer in Costa Rica San Jose: Paramedical / Rescue

Paramedical / Rescue

Do you want the opportunity to help in emergency situations in a country where emergency/ambulatory care is minimal at best? If you are an EMT and want an opportunity to use your skills overseas, this program is ideal for you. Ambulatory care is not common in all communities. A Broader View has programs specifically for EMT and paramedics both in ambulance service and in a hospital/clinic emergency room setting.

Paramedics in the United States are definitely amazing individuals but can face a lot of challenges overseas from lack of equipment, different real-life scenarios and diseases you may not be familiar with.  

You could be performing tasks such as:

  • Performing rescue operations
  • Immediate medical attention
  • Applying tourniquets
  • Providing basic medical care
  • Transporting patients to medical facilities

If you are looking for an overseas opportunity to use your paramedic/EMT skills then you will enjoy this program, and you are exactly the type of person we’re looking for. An emergency medical team is something that these countries have likely never seen before outside of this organization and that means you’re going to be a part of something amazing. You’re also going to be the possible reason that their loved one makes it after a medical situ

If you’re interested in volunteering and getting an opportunity that not only gives back but also gives you the real rush of being in the heat of the moment and making quick decisions then this is going to be the place for you. The paramedical and rescue team is going to be a great fit.

 Volunteer Guatemala Xela: Paramedic / Rescue

Volunteer Guatemala, Quetzaltenango, as second biggest city of Guatemala, relies 100% on volunteer firefighters. These firefighters are responsible to attend emergencies and fires in the city. Volunteer with prior training would participate in the ambulance activities. This can include attend car accidents, injured people, general sickness.  On a daily basis, the local firefighters attend approximately 6-10 emergencies, in the area of Quetzaltenango and surrounding villages. In case of big accidents, they also provide assistance further into the country.

 Volunteer Honduras La Ceiba: Paramedic / Rescue

Volunteer Honduras all activities take place in the ambulances, either rescue activity or transferring patients from home or the workplace to the public or private hospital. Patient transfer from Hospital of La Ceiba to Catarino Rivas Hospital in San Pedro Sula. They participate in all rescue or support of firefighters in case of fire.

How may we help you?!

How may we help you?!

Our staff has extensive travel and volunteer abroad experience. We have the answers to all your questions about volunteering with ABV. We can customize any of our programs to your needs and dates.

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