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Are you an undergraduate student in the healthcare field who is looking for ways that you can support other countries and give back to those who are most in need? Support our charity work while gaining valuable lessons and training from local licensed medical providers. Founded on the principles of integrity, respect, and commitment, A Broader View provides a safe and mutually beneficial experience where students can make a meaningful contribution to disadvantaged populations throughout the world.

Healthcare student volunteers are based on community clinics, homes for children with special needs, pediatrics departments, global health outreach projects and with hearing impaired children..  

Work along-side and observe medical procedures which are not common in the USA. Learn to implement techniques under supervision and gain real-world experience in the health field. Our pre-health student volunteers are involved in:

  • Supporting therapy needs for special needs children and adults
  • Working within residential centers
  • Offering early stimulation therapy
  • Providing rehabilitation therapy support
  • Working with cleaning and feeding patients
  • Assisting with non-evasive dental procedures
  • Observing extractions and minor oral surgery
  • Learn to take vital signs
  • Learn CPR/Teach CPR
  • Participate in health outreach sessions (hygiene)
  • Observing minor surgery and childbirth

Students who travel with A Broader View are usually placed at hospitals and clinics in rural or suburban areas where there is a shortness of staff. You will work under the supervision of professional doctors, nurses as well as support staff and assist them in the treatment of patients. Being a part of our A Broader View projects will teach you more about the healthcare scenario and how underprivileged people still suffer in the developing world.

+ What dental, nursing and medical student volunteer abroad programs are available?

ABV Program Pre-Med Nursing Student Medical Student Dental Student
Costa Rica Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ecuador Yes Yes Yes No
Nepal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tanzania Yes Yes Yes Yes
Peru Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guatemala Yes Yes Yes Yes
Honduras Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vietnam Yes Yes Yes No
Volunteer Peru: Premedical / Predental

Volunteer Peru, Many of Cusco’s medical and dental facilities are critically understaffed and underfunded. The hospitals are overburdened with patients, many of whom have illnesses preventable by basic hygiene and healthy living practices. International medical volunteers fill a necessary gap.

Volunteer in Ecuador Quito PreMed Nurse Internship

Volunteer in Ecuador, this is a unique health care internship program in the north of Quito which provides free services to the poor patients with more than 300 beds available for hospitalization. First Aid Course before the start of the program, given by a health care professional with experience. Participants will learn: take vital signs, blood sampling, suturing wounds and more (theory and practice). The course is “optional”, an extra unique cost of $50 paid in country to the coordinator.

Volunteer in Ecuador Quito North: PreMed & PreNurse

Volunteer in Ecuador, this is a non-profit medical institution whose mission is to improve health, education and welfare of children and low income people in Quito; through training, low-cost health programs and promotion of socio economic assistance to help solve the problems of the neediest.

 Volunteer in Ecuador Quito North: Dental Program

Volunteer in Ecuador, this is a public hospital that offers the best instrumentation and technology of all public hospitals in Quito. The hospital specializes in providing dental health care services. Within the hospital is the general dental area with two different patient assistance rooms and has there dentists. In the near future, the hospital will be expanding the number of patient rooms in order to serve many more people.

 Quetzaltenango (Xela) Pre-Medical/Therapy

As a pre-medical or pre-nursing undergradute this is an excellent opportunity to assist in a medical center. Gain universal knowledge and experience in your future career path. Volunteer with a local foundation that believes in the physical recovery of all individuals, offering rehabilitation to all people from the Guatemalan community. They offer physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, hydrotherapy and special education to children and adults. Patients are disabled from for example car accidents, but also from birth with Down-syndrome, autism, or birth related brain damage.

Volunteer in Tanzania: Medical/Nursing/Dental

Volunteer in Kibaha, East Tanzania. Currently enrolled medical students, student nurses and dental students are welcome and needed at a charitable health center in the Kibaha District Council, the capital of Pwani Region, located 40 miles west of Dar Es Salaam. The center provides health services in a community of 26,000.

 Volunteer in Ghana: Medical / Health Care (Kasoa)

Volunteer in Ghana and support the community efforts to eradicate poor health conditions and poverty. Poverty causes poor health in that without proper resources, treatable diseases such as diarrhea, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and others contribute to disability and mortality within Ghana.

 Volunteer Costa Rica, Escazu: Pre-Medical Program

Volunteers Costa Rica are needed and welcome at this transitional shelter for children with chronic illness. The care center can accommodate 25 children, most of whom suffer from burns, healing from a transplant, awaiting surgery or are being treated for chronic disease. Patients from the National Children’s hospital are referred here to avoid prolonged hospitalization, and also provide housing for those coming from rural areas.

 Volunteer in Tanzania, Arusha: HIV and Malnutrition

Volunteer in Tanzania at a medical center based in Arusha focused on supporting children afflicted with HIV/AIDs.  This program is helping hundreds of families living with HIV/Aids and those suffering from malnutrition.  Working with a local grassroots organization you will see how one person can truly help and change the life of someone in need.

Volunteer in Nepal Kathmandu Pre-Medical / Pre-Nurse Programs

Volunteer in Nepal, this program is recommended for trained medical and nursing professionals, as well as student nurses, PA students and medical students. In this program volunteers learn firsthand the reality of the medical challenges in a developing country. Volunteers have observed in the surgery ward, helping with changing bandages, assisted with wound care, shadowed on rounds in emergency and maternity areas.

Volunteer in Nepal Kathmandu Dental Student Internship

Volunteer in Nepal a dental internship  in  Kathmandu  offers  dental  students  and  undergraduates  the  opportunity  to shadow,  learn  and  enhance  their  dental  knowledge  by  observing  a  variety  of  dental  procedures.  Internship hours are approximately 35 hours a week, leaving free time on the weekends to explore this fascinating city and surroundings.  Interns  are  based  in  a  large  dental  hospital  in  Kathmandu  which  focuses  services  on   the  poor, marginalized  and  destitute  people  of  the  community.

Volunteer Honduras: Pre-Medical/Pre-Nursing (La Ceiba)

Volunteer Honduras: Undergraduate students (medical, global health, nursing) are welcome to join our health-related projects in La Ceiba, Honduras. These projects not only provide a hands-on learning opportunity in universal health care practices, you will also make a lasting impact on this Honduran community.

 Volunteer Costa Rica Pre Dental Escazu

Volunteer Costa Rica For many people in Costa Rica basic dental health needs are unaffordable. Local people rely on public clinics (not private expensive care) for their dental needs.  As you can imagine the number of patients can outweigh the means of the local dental staff. Our volunteers, those interested or currently enrolled in dental school, are welcome to volunteer in one of these public clinics. Not only is this is great hands on learning experience, you will be helping the local dental staff with their overworked schedules.

Volunteer Costa Rica San Jose Pre-Medical / Pre-Nursing

Volunteer Costa Rica If you are an undergraduate studying biology, chemistry or any of the sciences and are considering a career in medicine this is the ideal program for you.  You will have an opportunity to see what life as a healthcare professional will be like. Having this experience is a great way to strengthen your application to medical/nursing/PA school.

How may we help you?!

How may we help you?!

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