Best Volunteer Reviews 2017

Volunteer Name: Molly Scripture
Location: Belize
Project: Children's Home

What is your favorite Memory: My favorite memory was spending time in the preschool and teaching the kids new songs.

The most difficult thing.... for me was sharing my time with all the children. They all wanted my time and it was hard to get them to share.

What do you wish you were better prepared for.... I wish I had come with projects in mind. This mission was all based on how much you wanted to put into it. There was no set schedule. I wish I would have came with more ideas on how to help.

Tips for other volunteers: Tips: come prepared with ideas to help, bring multiples of toys/bubbles/chalk/ anything all the kids could do

How was working with the staff:
My ABV staff in the US was great!

How was the local staff in Belize:
The ABV staff in Belize was good. I wish there was more of a schedule of things to do.

Are you willing to speak to others:
Yes I am willing to speak to other ABV volunteers

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