Volunteer in Asia

Volunteer in Asia with A Broader View Volunteers, a USA based non-profit charity with 10 years of experience organizing international humanitarian programs throughout Asia. As a platinum-level GUIDESTAR participant, A Broader View Volunteers demonstrates our commitment to transparency.

Opportunities to volunteer in Asia include gap year options, programs for retirees and families, as well as internships and study abroad options based in NepalIndia, Mongolia, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Sri LankaLaos and Thailand

As a volunteer in Asia you will become part of community-based project focused on children and woman support programs, community development, animal welfare, orphanage support, education as well as medical, nursing and dental programs. Some of our most popular programs including teaching at the monastery in Nepal, and the woman’s support projects, elephant and animal welfare projects in India, working with children in Vietnam and teaching English in China.

Each year thousands of travelers - from individuals to school & specialized groups – travel with A Broader View to locations throughout Asia. A Broader View Volunteer is devoted to offering responsible volunteer programs at an affordable cost. With customized pre-trip planning, interactive easy online reservation system, airport pick-up and drop off, in-country orientation, local staff presence, tax deductible program costs, safe housing options & an excellent safety record, A Broader View offers the best programs to volunteer in Asia

Below are our volunteer opportunities available in Asia.

Volunteer in India

Life changing improvements in the medical centers, increases in funding have helped to save endangered animals through impoverished communities.

Programs in India

  • Construction & Renovation
  • Child Care
  • Teaching Program
  • Animal Welfare Center
  • Animal Rescue Center
  • Elephant Conservation
  • Construction / Building
  • Orphanage
  • Teaching English
  • Women empowerment
  • Special Needs Children
  • Medical / Health Care

Volunteer in Nepal

Nepal offers visitors a mix of ancient and modern with common sites like cows walking down the streets, Buddhist monks talking on cell phones.

Programs in Nepal

  • Pre–Medical / Nursing
  • HIV/AIDS Children Home
  • Medical-Nurse
  • Dental Hospital
  • Pre Dental
  • Teaching
  • Disabled Care Center
  • Nepali language Immersion
  • Orphanage Program
  • Animal Rescue Center
  • Children / Woman Hospital
  • Children Care
  • Women Empowerment / Agriculture
  • Elderly Care

Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Volunteer in Sri Lanka with housing available up to 25 volunteers, A Broader View has hosted hundreds of university student groups, peace corp alternative teens and family volunteer programs in our Sri Lanka medical, education and social welfare projects.

Programs in Sri Lanka

  • Teaching English
  • Sea Turtles and Marine Conservation
  • Medical Healthcare Outreach

Volunteer in Mongolia

Volunteers can choose from 5 project in Mongolia with placement last between 1 to 8 weeks in length.

Programs in Mongolia

  • Special Education
  • Maternity / Midwifery Program
  • Teaching English
  • Medical Elective / Internship
  • Nurse / Student Nurse

Volunteer in Cambodia

Cambodia is a poor country, currently ranking 129th out of 177 countries in the United Nations Human Development Report.

Programs in Cambodia

  • Teaching/Education
  • Orphanage / Child Care

Volunteer in China

Volunteering in China is a way to immerse yourself in a new culture, while discovering one person can make a real difference in the life of a child's education

Programs in China

Volunteer in Vietnam

The country has a vibrant legacy from different cultures evident in the character of its towns, as well as in the architecture and food.

Programs in Vietnam

  • HealthCare / Therapy
  • PreMed /PreNurse
  • Orphanage
  • Teaching/Education
  • Special Needs Children
  • Orphanage Support
  • Rehabilitation Care Center
  • Pagoda Orphan

Language Immersion:

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