Why Should I Pay To Volunteer Abroad?

If you’re giving your time for free, why should you be expected to pay? It’s a question lots of people ask, and we’re here to give you the answer.

It may seem counterintuitive to pay money to work for free – however, volunteer abroad organizations need money to sustain themselves, in order to keep providing safe, high quality volunteer opportunities for thousands of people across the globe every year.

In many cases, most or all of the money needed to keep the organization afloat comes from the volunteers themselves. This is certainly the case for volunteer organizations registered as NGOs (non-governmental organizations) which do not receive any funding from the government. A Broader View Volunteers EIN: 26-0594308

The key thing to remember is that these organizations are still businesses, and rely on your money to function. Bear in mind that you also benefit from a range of useful services and invaluable support on the run-up to and during your volunteer trip.

Reputable volunteer organizations should be transparent about their fees, any additional costs and how your money is spent. You’re within your rights to request a breakdown of fees, or a link to a page on their website with this information.

Check these website that scrutinize  A Broader View Volunteers as a Non Profit Organization:

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What am I expected to pay?

In our case, you pay a registration or application fee thats included in the total fee, and the due balance fee. You may need to pay extra for certain programs – this is common practice, as healthcare and Sea turtles program.

This covers admin costs including operating expenses, staff salaries, marketing and other costs to the business. Without this fees, the organization would not have the resources to provide you with the level of support you require (and expect) during your time overseas.

This fees also directly linked to the project you choose, your destination country and the duration of your stay as well as the 245 social programs we offer.

Often, this is broken down into money for your host family (for food and accommodation, logistics), money for in-country office expenses and local coordinator salaries, plus a percentage which goes towards volunteer programs.

These are all necessary expenses to ensure your time abroad is safe and comfortable, and meets or exceeds your expectations.

At A Broader View, our program fees start from USD $820 (for one week volunteering in Africa). Please note that volunteer costs vary, depending on country, program and duration of stay.

Nonprofit Volunteer Organizations

As a registered nonprofit organization, A Broader View only charges the true cost of the program, which means 65% of your program fees go to the community in which you’ll be volunteering.

Rest assured that our volunteer programs have no hidden charges, and we’ll make it clear if you need to pay extra for certain placements. Check out our fees and charges page Cost and fees.

Program fees and related travel expenses are tax deductible for US taxpayers. Plus, we provide a platform for fundraising campaigns, for volunteers who wish to raise money for their trip this way. Find out more on our fundraising FAQ page.

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