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Women's & Girl's Empowerment Projects

A Broader View offers programs specifically focusing on the plight of young women and destitute women in poverty communities. The program aims to help the women giving them support, guidance, and life skill training. Volunteers work with grassroots woman’s group and teaching English; help to initiate income-generating activities and to create sustainable solutions to the challenges the woman face on a day to day basis.

In our program, you assist with training women in diverse life and income-generating skills and to carry out research to find alternative solutions to fight poverty. No specific requirements except willingness and enthusiasm to help women.  

The mission of this program is to help foster the growth of independent, self-sufficient, decision-making women, by encouraging self-empowerment. Our volunteers help in the following ways:

  • Teaching life skills such as healthy eating
    Nutritional information
    Basic English teaching
    Initiating income-generating activities
    Promoting self -independence
    Instruction on hygiene & self-defense
    Encouraging self-empowerment
    Offering support and guidance
    Develop micro-business/loans
    Introducing yoga, dance, and sports

+ What Woman Support programs are available to volunteer Abroad?

ABV Program Groups Solo Couples Families
Tanzania Yes Yes Yes Yes
India Yes Yes Yes No
Peru Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nepal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Colombia Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guatemala Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nicaragua Yes Yes Yes Yes

Volunteer Colombia Cartagena: Women Support – Social Welfare

Volunteer Colombia Cartagena, There is a large number of cases of teen pregnancy recorded in lower socio-cultural levels. Nevertheless, this is a problem that affects all the social levels in Cartagena and the rest of Colombia. For families with a good economic situation, an unexpected pregnancy doesn’t change transcendentally their life; the child will continue to study, the babysitter will have some work to do and the parents will continue to work and support a family with baby on board. Unfortunately, this is not the fate of most pregnant teenagers in our country. Many of them have no other choice but to accept a possible family abuse, get married if they can or start to be exploited for cheap labour. Additionally, the psychological and social impact that the mom and the baby can suffer in such a difficult situation can be more than they can stand.

Volunteer in Guatemala Women's Support Program

Volunteer in Guatemala at a Mother-Child Center. This shelter is a government institution for young mothers and their children. This shelter is home to 60 mothers, girls and young children. The teenage mothers and their young infants can stay here, as well as teenage girls who have suffered from sexual abuse. The girls and mothers are all under 18 years old, and the children are aged approximately 0 to 5 years old. There is a lot of emphasis on psychology, as well as learning how to be a mother.

Volunteer India Women Support Jaipur

Volunteer India Quality of life is significantly lower for women around the world. They are discriminated against and judged based on the body with which they were born. Gender inequality is a major problem in India. Most woman and young girls are treated less than second class citizens and 40% are illiterate. By teaching English and other self-reliance skills to woman, society in general with improve (albeit slowly!) Education for girls will not only further gender equality but lead to higher economic opportunity and productivity, reduced child mortality, improved family nutrition and health, and fewer cases of HIV and AIDS.

Volunteer in Nepal: Women Empowerment / Agriculture

Volunteer in Nepal is a Patriarchal society where men go to work and women stay at home tending the home and children.  Slight trend changes are happening in parts of Kathmandu, however it still remains the same in the villages. As few Nepali women enter skilled work and leadership in the private and public sectors, it remains difficult for women to find opportunities.  Domestic abuse in Nepal is rampant. The leading cause of death among women of childbearing age is suicide. Widows are tossed out and branded as witches. Victims of the sex trade are shunned by families.  There are many issues that Nepalese women face due to illiteracy and dependency into their husband income for even small things.

Nepal: Woman’s Support & Farming

Domestic abuse in Nepal is rampant. The leading cause of death among women of childbearing age is suicide. Widows are tossed out and branded as witches. Victims of the sex trade are shunned by families. These women have nowhere to go. They are skilled farmers, they can support themselves and feed their children if they have a little land. Our farm cooperative will provide them with shelter and place to grow food. That's the essential needs, without which they will stay trapped in abuse.

Volunteer Peru: Women's Empowerment Program

Volunteer in Peru, Women’s Rights Support Program - Cusco has one of the highest rates of domestic violence reported throughout Peru, as it is estimated about 80 thousand Cusco women have been affected by some type of violence. Volunteer with a local grassroots organization in Cusco Peru which offers ambulatory care and temporary shelter to women and children escaping a life of abuse. Help make an impact by volunteering for women's empowerment and women's right in Cusco Peru. By spending your time supporting women and girls in need, you can help them towards a better future.

Volunteer in Tanzania: Maternity / Midwifery (Moshi)

Volunteers in Tanzania with professional credentials, as well as currently enrolled in medical and nursing school students are welcome at this hospital which specializes in natal care. The hospital is located in Moshi and approximately 15-20 minutes walk from the volunteer accommodations.

How may we help you?!

How may we help you?!

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