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Orphanage Child Care

A Broader View has partnered with licensed, vetted, established childcare programs that provide children with good quality food, housing, education, and healthcare. Many of these children have been abandoned or have been rescued from a life of child labor. Some children have lost their parents to disease or drug abuse or mental illness, leaving them vulnerable and without proper support.

Volunteering with children is a rewarding but challenging volunteer abroad experience. All volunteers are carefully chosen, fully screened and should have some experience working with youth. We encourage long term commitments for all our childcare programs, although short term options are available in daycare facilities, afterschool children’s programs, and temporary shelters for children.  

Volunteers should see themselves as mentors, trainers and the role of a counselor when working with overseas children. Aside from helping with the daily upkeep at the children’s centers volunteers help in several ways including::

  • Providing basic English education
    Promoting basic health and hygiene talks
    Organizing sports lessons
    Organizing recreational games
    Engaging in art and craft activities
    Washing and cooking
    Playing games
    Organizing parties and fun activities
    Changing diapers and caring for small children

While part of our A Broader View program working with children you will have the opportunity to learn a new culture from inside out. Working with children from impoverished backgrounds to provide adequate care and support. Live with a local host family and explore the day to day life in your host community.

The children in these orphanages may have been alone for a very long time and the level of care that you provide to them is genuinely all they are likely to receive. You can definitely be a voice of love and kindness in their lives and this could make a huge difference for them forever.

+ What Orphanage programs are available to volunteer Abroad?

ABV Program Groups Solo Couples Families
Belize Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guatemala (Quezatenango) Yes Yes Yes No
Nepal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tanzania Yes Yes Yes Yes
Peru Yes Yes Yes Yes
Honduras Yes Yes Yes Yes
India Jaipur - Udaipur Yes Yes Yes Yes
India Udaipur Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ecuador Yes Yes Yes No

A hug and a smile provide meaning to the life of kids who had grown up deprived of love and care. Male and female volunteers are needed as big Brothers and Big Sisters. Volunteers are asked to provide basic English education, promote health and hygienic habits, organize recreational games and sports lessons and assist the staff in counseling the children. In these projects, you could find yourself painting, changing diapers, organizing a soccer game, washing or cooking for the kids, or simply leading a sing a long. Bring as many board games, cards, soccer/tennis/volleyball balls, you can make small parties for the children with cakes, sodas, candies to celebrate birthdays.

Volunteer Zambia Lusaka: Teaching / Child Care

Volunteer Zambia Lusaka at a school project which supports orphans and provides education to vulnerable in the community and surrounding areas.  The school was founded as a result of the increasing inequality and privation of the plight of the child in accessing basic education and care in rural areas outside of Lusaka.

Volunteer in Ecuador Quito North Orphanage / school

Volunteer in Ecuador, this orphanage, located about an hour outside of the city, provides a safe place for local children who have suffered violence, physical and psychological or other risk to their lives.  Created to have a family environment, with emphasis on education, the children are provided with a positive outlook on the lives.

Volunteer in Tanzania Arusha: Orphanage/Child Care

Volunteer in Tanzania The orphanage located in Arusha was founded in 2009, with the goal of housing orphans, offering them not only shelter but also education.

 Volunteer Zambia Livingstone: Orphanage Program

Volunteer Zambia at a Children’s Home near Livingstone, Zambia. The Home provides residential care for orphans and vulnerable children who have no family to look after them.  Most of them have been orphaned as a result of the AIDS pandemic, which affects about 30% of adults in Livingstone.

Volunteer in Nepal Orphanage Program

Volunteer in Nepal Orphanage program offer life time opportunity to the volunteers to learn the real life of Nepal. Nepal have face internal war for decade  and high mortality rate which has caused many to become orphan and country poor economy make it much harder for these one to survive . Which in result make many children out of home and school to come on street and to beg for living.

Volunteer India Child Care Center Jaipur

Volunteer India Assist with the caring for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old. This day care center allows parents a safe, secure place to leave their children while they are working. Most of the children come from extremely impoverished families and the wage earners must work, so the child need to be minded. The center provide shelter, food and some limited education teaching. Most children spend 5-6 hours a day at the center. 

Volunteer in Costa Rica: Orphanage Care

Volunteer in Costa Rica at a local orphanage in a suburb of San Jose (Guadalupe). This residential facility is home to about 25 children who range in age between toddlers to pre-teens (2yrs-12yrs old). The “Tias” or caretakers at the orphanage need help with everyday tasks for the children. 

Volunteer in Ghana: Orphan School (Kasoa)

Volunteer in Ghana at a residential home for 30 children. Come and work with children that come from a variety of situations including loss of one or both parents, physical and sexual abuse, extreme poverty, and more suffering than many of us can imagine.

Volunteer in Nepal: Orphanage Program Kathmandu Center

Volunteer in Nepal this is an opportunity to support the work at a local orphanage in Kathmandu. Home to about 15 children, mainly girls, this residential home currently has children between 5 and 16 years old.  Although the children attend school for the majority of the day, there is much help needed at this center.  Volunteer work hours are split between early morning and later afternoon (approximately 730am-930am, 300pm-7:00pm) Volunteers will help getting the kids dressed, fed and ready for school.  In the afternoon support with homework, teaching English, as well as introducing recreational and extracurricular activities like dance and music. The children mainly crave individual attention and focus from the volunteers. When the children are at school volunteers can assist with orphanage administrative needs, in the kitchen or gardens.  Another option is to split this project with another program such as teaching or take optional Nepali language course.

Volunteer in Ecuador Quito North: Kindergarten

Volunteer in Ecuador, this is a public kindergarten that offers education, nutrition, health and affection to 220 children from 4 to 6 years old distributed within 8 classrooms. Most of children come from poor families. It is located inside of the Itchimbía Park in Quito’s central area. The most important skill needed to work with these children is patience.

Volunteer in Ecuador Quito North: Day Care Center

Volunteer in Ecuador, this project has been in the works since 1949 for children who have been orphaned, abandoned, or whose families are unable to care for them. The family approach in this Children's Village is based on the three following principles: each child needs a mother, they grow up naturally with brothers and sisters, and they live in their own house within a supportive village environment.

Volunteer in Chile: Orphanage Assistance

Volunteering in Chile, In La Serena volunteers support an orphanage/children's center. Currently the center offers nursery to about 20-25 underage children, some of which are orphans and live at the center full time. This is a very proactive project with over 20 babies and toddlers 9 (numbers may change if they are adopted or in foster care). One of the main characteristic of this project is the incorporation of the families and the community to the educational work. The parents of the children are so poor that they cannot afford to keep their children healthy or well fed. The projects serve as a day care, kindergarten and support center.

Volunteer Peru: Orphanage / Child Care

Volunteer in Cusco Peru working with orphans, special needs youth and other vulnerable children. Living and working in Cusco is an unforgettable experience. Be part of the real life of the Cusquenians, explore their family traditions, customs and taste the authentic Cusco cuisine at your homestay

Volunteer in Belize at an orphanage with 25 children

Volunteer in Belize, There are currently 44 children residing at the orphanage. The children range in age between 4 years and 17 years old. Our volunteers support the staff in terms of their daily routines, and also offer outside input for activities and recreational ideas. During the school term volunteer will help with the children’s breakfast, and escorting them to school. A Daycare / Headstart project is open in the orphanages pre-school. Volunteers can help with assisting with baby/toddler care and pre-school activities with the little ones. Work tasks at this center include: farming, gardening, animal care, cooking, laundry, cleaning. After school activities with the children including reading, helping with homework, arts and crafts, playing in the ball fields, and being present and available to the children.

 Volunteer in Guatemala: Orphanage Assistance Program Gap Year

Volunteer in Guatemala and help support both single parents and their children. This project is for parents of limited resources. This is a daycare center where the (single) parent can bring their child while they work. The kids receive pre-kinder lessons, behavior training and recreational time. The project foresees in breakfast, snack, lunch and snack. The center has capacity for between 15-25 kids. The center has babies, toddlers and pre-school age children between 3 months and 5 years old.

 Volunteer Honduras: Orphan and Child Care

Volunteer Honduras in a local day care community center which provides services to children of mostly single mothers. The center has about 100 children who range in age between 1 year and 10 years old.  The children are provided care and attention, and lunch.  Volunteers will help with pre-school lessons, playing with the kids, stimulating conversation and learning, helping in the kitchens and any other necessary chore. We also work with a residential orphanage home to about 20 children from ages 8 -15yrs old. The volunteers duties would be the same, with a focus on education games, interacting with the kids, reading books, and even light chores like cooking, cleaning, sweeping.

 Volunteer Guatemala: Children Support

Volunteer Guatemala.  At this program, poor children suffering from malnutrition are provided a safe haven, medical support, education, food and a place to recover. Most of the children are under 6yrs old and come from all over Guatemala for care. The project focus is care and support, feeding, health checks, and monitoring. This program is also recommended for pre-medical students and those interested in a medical career path. Also attend spanish schools antigua guatemala to learn spanish while volunteering.

Volunteer in Ecuador: Child Care Galapagos

Volunteer in Ecuador, at a community day care/nursery school center on Santa Cruz Island.   There are about 35 children daily from 2 years to 5 years old. The program provides an integral aid in the education of the children on this island.  Many of the children at this center come from families of immigrants who have gone to Galapagos looking for a better future for their families and kids.  The project hours are 8:00am - 12:00am Monday to Friday.

 Volunteering in Kenya Nairobi: Orphanage / Child Care

The child rights and protection program have 2 types of branches - one for orphans and the other for street children and other vulnerable children with behavioral issues. Focused in the Kawangware slums, the goal is to protect child through the rehabilitation of street children, getting street children’s out of the street. The centers usually have 20-25 children on a daily basis.

Volunteer Uganda Orphanage / Child Care (Bulenga)

Volunteer Uganda in one of two local orphanages in the Wakiso district, located outside of the city of Kampala. The village orphanage and school not only provide a home and safe haven this is where the children have classes.

Volunteer in Guatemala: Childcare Center (Xela)

Volunteer in Guatemala. This program is promoting and enhancing the general wellbeing of children, woman and families living in poverty, and because of this poverty live in very difficult circumstances.

 Volunteering in Cambodia: Orphanage / Child Care

Volunteering in Cambodia Phnom Penh, once considered to be the loveliest of Indochina's French-built cities, was called the "Pearl of Asia". Today it is a bustling city. The city has a mix of French colonial and Khmer architecture, and sits at the base of the Mekong, Bassac and Tonlé Sap Rivers. In the city there are a number of Wats (temple-monasteries), museums and other places of interest which can be visited on the weekends.

Volunteer in Tanzania: Orphanage / Child Care

Volunteers in Tanzania support three children's centers located outside of Arusha. The centers are home to approximately 20 children, ranging in age from 4yr-15yrs old.  The centers are run by loving dedicated staff who have opened their hearts to these vulnerable kids and orphans. They provide shelter, food, love and education to orphans, abandoned and street children of surrounding community.

 Volunteer South Africa: Orphan / Creche Support

Volunteer South Africa, Support a local children's center, called a crèche, which provides a safe haven to 30-40 children daily.  Some are orphans fostered in the community, others are from poor families and can't attend school yet.  At the center they give these children a safe place and the love and care that they need. Volunteers add support to the local staff with individual attention to the kids, supervise play time, support lunch services, reinforce English speaking with lessons and reading/games and help with homework. Afternoon homework guidance and after school project support needed as well.

 Volunteer Zambia: Orphanage / Child Care Assistance

Volunteer Zambia at an orphanage which provides 24/7 nursing care for pre-mature and high risk infants and toddlers, most of who are orphaned or abandoned. This center provides much needed food, care, love and nurtures the children back to health. At this project volunteers hold the babies, hand feed and bottle feed babies, change diapers, play with the toddlers, help in the kitchen and laundry duties also.  Another orphanage our volunteer work with have children from 4-12 years old and are provided a safe home.  These children have school lessons, so expect to read books, help with English lessons, playing in the yard, helping with handicraft and other daily chores.  The orphanage are located in residential neighborhoods, about 20-25 minutes' walk from the host family.

 Volunteer in Ghana: Children Orphanage Assistance

Volunteer Ghana in an orphanage and work with children that come from a variety of situations including loss of one or both parents, physical and sexual abuse, extreme poverty, and more suffering than many of us can imagine.  Our two orphanage projects have children from 4 years and older.  Most of the children range between 11-14years old.  Many of these children have been denied the chance at an education as well as the basics for survival-food and shelter.

 Volunteer in Ecuador: Orphanage Support Program

Volunteer in Ecuador, Focuses care and attention to children up to 4 months old, the children receive stimulation as a method of learning where they can develop all the senses, games, songs and learn to have independence. The children are provided care while their parents, mostly single mothers can work. This is a very upbeat project with many small children eager for attention!

 Volunteer Colombia: Child Care Center

Volunteer Colombia, This program is a public facility that provides daily child care services, pre-school and kindergarten classes to small babies and children in this Torices neighborhood in north Cartagena. This center is located close by to downtown and only 10 minutes from the airport.

 Volunteer in India: Child Care (Udaipur)

Volunteer in India, Childcare centers, commonly known as Aanganbaris, seek to provide ample care to children before school. Their main aim is to take care of those children who would not be able to receive proper care at home.  Additionally, they serve to improve the health of the pregnant women and the lactating mothers.

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How may we help you?!

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