Volunteer Fundraising, Scholarship and Grants to Volunteer and Intern Abroad

Thinking of volunteering/Internship abroad? Going abroad can be very expensive. Program fees, international flights, visa, and vaccinations start to add up quickly. The sooner you start planning the more effective your efforts will be not only for fundraising and crowdfunding, but also for coordinating grants and scholarships.

Tips for Finding Financial Aid

  • Ask your parents if they have an employer donation match program
  • Check local organizations like Kiwanis Club or Rotary Club
  • Contact your advisor and ask about scholarships specific to your college major
  • Visit your study abroad office or language department to ask about grants/aid for traveling

Scholarship and Grant Resources

University Funds or Scholarships

Your university or college may be the best place to start looking for scholarships to help you realize your dream of volunteering abroad. Get in touch with the International Office on your campus and tell them your plans – they may offer stipends, grants, or scholarships to help you raise your volunteer fee.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) find training programs

Corporate Matching Gifts

Employers often offer a matching program which can be a great resource for employees wishing to dedicate their vacation to volunteer work. Inquire at work to see if your company provides this service.

Language Immersion:

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