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Are you passionate about environmental conservation or eco volunteering? When it comes to giving back there are several ways that you can get involved. A Broader View has affordable programs that allow an international volunteer to support marine and turtle conservation, sloth conservation, animal rescue centers, and solar light distribution programs. Some projects involve really getting your hands dirty in the jungle or on a secluded beach site, but if this does not sound like your thing there are also plenty of other ways to get involved.

Environmental volunteering abroad is an opportunity to educate people and protect nature on land and in the water. If you love being outdoors and seek hands-on work, then our nature conservancy projects will be the perfect choice for you!  

Join our conservation programs in Africa, Asia, or the Americas. Support reforestation efforts, plant trees, expand on greenhouse development. Prefer the water? Become a marine conservation volunteer in Costa Rica or the Galapagos Islands. Your volunteer work will help clean our oceans, preserve our coasts, care for animals and help you become a global citizen. 

Volunteer activities

Maintenance of cages/animal pens


Tourist education at nature sites

Administrative tasks at nature sites

Cleaning cages

Animal care (feeding, medical)

Animal treatment

Depending on your skills and interests there are options for all ages and backgrounds. With our list of conservation and environmental programs, you can explore and understand important topics like air quality, water quality, the effects of climate change, and many others so that you can make informed decisions about caring for our planet.

+ What Animal Rescue programs are available to volunteer Abroad?

ABV Program Groups Solo Couples Families
Costa Rica Yes Yes Yes Yes
India Yes Yes Yes No
Guatemala Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nepal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ecuador Yes Yes Yes Yes

Volunteer in Ecuador: Conservation / Animal Welfare Galapagos

Volunteer in Ecuador, this project is based on Isabela Island, the largest of the islands of the Galapagos. Here volunteers have the opportunity to support the conservation efforts and land turtle support projects on Isabela Island. Current research is focused on ensuring that ecosystem restoration proceeds towards a more pristine condition – this requires ensuring that any introduced plant species do not out-compete the native vegetation.

Volunteer Costa Rica, Escazu: Animal Rescue Shelter

Volunteer Costa Rica at an animal refuge shelter outside of Escazu which has a variety of rescheduled animals, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and birds.  Volunteer tasks vary from administration and cleaning to feeding of the animals, enclosure maintenance, working one on one with the animals and other tasks as needed.

Volunteer India: Animal Care Welfare Jaipur

Volunteer India, This project is perfect for veterinary students, or animal lovers interested in providing care and shelter to animals in need.   Based in the city of Jaipur,  the shelter cares for animals and birds.  The shelter’s help line receives calls from within the community about injured or stray animals in needs.  Some of the animals cared for at the shelter include peacocks, dogs, cats, cows, monkeys, rabbits, eagles, parrots, pigeons, and crows. Due to lack of funding the volunteers are a great asset to the overworked staff in maintain the center.

Volunteer India: Animal Welfare Center (Udaipur)

Volunteer India, Animal Rescue project is a vital rescue center, hospital and sanctuary for injured and ill street animals in Udaipur, India. We rescue thousands of hurt and sick animals each year and provide sanctuary to those who need life-long care.

 Volunteer in Nepal Street Dog Care Center (Kathmandu)

Volunteer in Nepal, nearly 25000 dogs are wandering in streets of populated Kathmandu. Many of these dogs are living in very poor condition suffering from starvation, disease and maltreatment. At the same time more 200 people dies every year due to rabies and contact with street dogs so to the animal center had been operating for more than 10 years, rescuing and sheltering the stray dogs and trying to bring down this figure into Zero. Currently the center has 60 dogs under treatment. Animal center is main focus on treating street dogs and currently main objective is focus on three major programs:

Volunteer in Costa Rica: Sloth/Mammal Conservation

Volunteer in Costa Rica’s Pacific area which is home to a wide array of wildlife including sloths, monkeys, turtles, iguana and other marsupials. Join us today and be part of a community led mammal monitoring and conservation project.

 Volunteer in India Elephant Welfare Jaipur

Volunteer in India, the elephants in Jaipur have a long history of being part of religious and Indian cultural ceremonies for centuries.  Today in Jaipur, the main use for Elephants is with the tourist trade. By joining this program you will have an unforgettable experience learning about elephants and contributing help to their mahouts (riders & care takers).

 Volunteer Argentina: Conservation / Environment Cordoba

Volunteers Argentina form an important part in this Animal Reserve workforce. They provide, in many capacities, within the reserve by contributing time, energy or talents that help to fulfill the reserve’s mission. Volunteers generate enthusiasm and interest. They extend and augment the work of permanent staff. The staff can then focus on individual tourists/clients or subject areas, and thus bring new insights, energy and time to the work.

Volunteer in Guatemala: Conservation / Animal Rescue Veterinary

Volunteer in Guatemala, the program is a municipal institution where they receive about 500.000 visitors yearly. The center has 200 animals of 41 species. Many of the visitors are school children coming on a school trip to learn about the animals, but also regular visitors come to the park. The program is currently going through renovations, improving and increasing the animal spaces.

Veterinarian Internship
Volunteer Uganda: Environmental / Climate

Join this grassroot environmental project aimed to raise awareness about solar health initiatives which can benefit vulnerable communities and individuals living in extreme energy poverty. The program is focused on helping existing social service organizations to improve their health, wellness, educational, economic, and environmental outcomes (schools, health centers, rural communities) by using solar lanterns.

 Volunteer Argentina Cordoba – Animal Rescue Center – Dog Shelter

Volunteer Argentina, We seek to improve the quality of life of street dogs, educate people about responsible ownership, and in turn educate the dog abandoned giving him up for adoption to families that meets the requirements for a full life in order to close the circle of abuse. Our goal is that the volunteer gets satisfy with the tasks and treatment. And make this unique experience useful by getting a basic “dog education”.

How may we help you?!

How may we help you?!

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