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HIV / AIDS Prevention / Care

Are you interested in global public health issues and want to help in a nonclinical setting?

Based on CDC statistics there are almost 40 million people living with HIV around the world. In several rural communities throughout the world, HIV and Aids cases are very common and even devastating to entire populations. In some parts of the world, the infection rates are unbelievable, and thousands of people are infected within a single community. The vast majority of people living with HIV live in sub-Saharan Africa. These children living with HIV deserve treatment and a chance to live a healthy life.

A Broader View partners with several different NGOs and agencies to increase awareness of how to prevent transmission and infection of HIV/AIDS amongst key groups and to try and remove some of the stigma attached to people living with HIV and AIDS. Global health and HIV education are a driving force to combat the spread of this disease. In our programs, we are working in partnership with governments and local organizations in strengthening families, communities and national health systems to end AIDS for good. Prevention and education focus incorporate improving reproductive health, antenatal care, safe delivery, and new-born and child health in a continuum of care..  

With your help, you can bring more knowledge and more hope to those who are struggling to cope with this disease for themselves or a loved one.
Some of the tasks you may be asked to perform include:

  • Improving HIV/AIDS awareness
    Providing HIV/AIDS education
    Caring for HIV/AIDS patients
    Improving attitudes regarding HIV/AIDS infected persons

You will be working in close proximity to HIV/AIDS patients as well as teaching and providing education to those who know others that have HIV/AIDS. This program will allow you to engage directly with a part of the population that is often shunned or is often treated poorly by the rest of the community.

If you’re looking for a way to get involved with medical care but you do not have a medical background you can absolutely make a difference through this program. You’ll be able to interact directly with people who are some of the most vulnerable within the community. You’ll also be able to directly improve their lives and help them to regain relationships with family and others within the community by improving the level of education regarding these specific diseases and how they can be transmitted.

Each of these countries have high levels of patients with HIV/AIDS and can greatly benefit from learning more about what these diseases truly mean and how they can treat their loved ones. If you’re looking for a way to get involved then there are plenty of great ways that you can get involved with this program. All you need to do is decide which of these four countries you would like to visit and where you think you can do the most good. Each of these programs can greatly benefit from your care and your level of compassion and care within the communities themselves and amongst the patients being served. 

Volunteer Honduras: HIV AIDS Awareness and Care

Volunteer Honduras in recent years, Honduras has experienced a rapid increase in HIV infections, accounting for nearly 60 percent of all cases reported in Central America. Roughly 80 percent of all reported cases are attributable to heterosexual transmission, and studies indicate that between 1 and 4 percent of pregnant women have been infected with the virus. Volunteers in this project will be involved in various care and support activities. Undergraduate students (Pre-Med/Pre-Nursing, Public Health) are welcome to join this health related.

 Volunteering in Uganda: Maternity / Mid-Wifery (Bulenga)

Volunteering in Uganda needed in support of two health centers in the Bulenga community. These health facilities offer maternity services and diagnosis, treatment of malaria, typhoid, diarrhea, as well as provide contraceptive services, immunization for infants, antenatal care, ultrasound scan services, and HIV/AIDS counseling and testing.  Volunteer will also be able to participate in health education focused on providing expectant and nursing teen mothers who visit these health centers.  Main topics include family planning and reproductive health, dietary nutrition for babies, and prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS. Weekly immunization services are provided at the health center, as well as some outreach into remote village areas.

Volunteer in Tanzania: HIV Awareness and Care

Volunteer in Tanzania with a grassroots health organization based in a rural community outside of Arusha. As a volunteer you will support the home for children afflicted with HIV/AIDs, also contribute to the host based community outreach projects. The programs is helping hundreds of families living with HIV/Aids patients, and also does work to promote HIV education, health and hygiene information as well as a refuge for sick children. Working with this grassroots organization you will see how one person can truly help and change the life of someone in need.

 Volunteer in Nepal HIV Orphan & Community Care Opportunities

Volunteer in Nepal,  with an organization which is providing care and education to children infected with the HIV virus or have been directly affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Volunteers support the three tied mission:  education of the children, a safe home environment, and the awareness campaign

Volunteer Ghana: Pre-Medical / Research and Outreach

Volunteer Ghana this is an rare opportunity to help with the extensive health research projects within the Kpando Municipality. This research was a community-based assessment of health needs in the Kpando District. The outcomes showed that there is a high burden of disease caused by infectious diseases. It also showed that access to health care is low due to financial and geographical restraints. There is a lack of adequate equipment, staff, training and drugs and a general lack of hygiene. In all communities poverty and lack of knowledge are considered important underlying causes for health problems and it was recommended to provide health information and education to community members. 

How may we help you?!

How may we help you?!

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