Best Volunteer Reviews 2017

Volunteer Name: Stephanie Tavares
Location:  Quito, Ecuador
Project: Children's Center.

1. The ABV coordinator was extremely helpful, she was quick to answer any questions. She showed us all of the important things we would need to know for the area.

2. The most surprising experience was the conditions that the children are in.

3. The most difficult thing I experienced was seeing how the children lived. It was difficult to not be able to change the unjustness that we were surrounded by. It was also hard to want to give the kids everything that we are so used to and not being able to.

4. Tips- bring clothes for hot days and chilly nights. Make sure to bring comfortable clothes to play with the kids in.
   1. Good to bring monetary donations for the facility- only tell coordinator
   2. Cheaper to buy things for the kids in Ecuador
   3. Bring multiple copies of your passport
   4. Good bring own toilet paper to work site

5. Going to Quito has to the best experience of my life. I was challenged every day and grew tremendously in my 5 weeks in Ecuador. It opened my eyes to a different culture and lifestyle. It's exceeded any expectations I could have possibly had for a volunteer trip. It is an experience I will forever hold dear to my heart and words can never explain. I can not wait to return.

6. The housing was amazing. It was in a safe neighborhood. It was easy to access taxis, buses, and other means of transportation. The house has wifi which makes it easier to communicate with family and friends back home.

7. My favorite memory is when the host family took me and 4 other volunteers to Quilatoa. It was such an amazing place and it was extremely kind of them to take us on a trip. We also met very important people in the indigenous community whole also immersing in their community.

8.  ABV was very good at getting in contact with me. They were quick to answer questions and help in any way I needed.

9. I would be honored to speak to other potential volunteers about the program.

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