Thomas Dongherty, Boston, MA.
High School Student
Day: April 17 to 25, 2014
Program:  Children Center

Why did you choose Honduras –La Ceiba and what program are you doing and for how long?
Wanted a Spanish speaking area, working with children for 1 week.

How was your Spanish Immersion program?
Lots of cultural and language discussed, wish there was more discussion of the fine details and rules of Spanish.

Why did you choose A Broader View and how did you find them?
Internet had what we were looking for.

How was your experience at the (orphanage..etc) program?
4 hours works, a day  cooking, working with kids, playing outside and cleaning.

How were your accommodation, host family and meals?
Well accommodated.
Very kind, flexible and accepting.
Traditional Honduran food with a modern diet.

How was the service of the local Abroaderview Coordinator and staff?
Not involve with them.

Can you give tips for future volunteers on what to bring as donations for the program?
Books, drawing materials, cleaning materials, cooking materials, small toys/games.

Any tips on what tours to do on the weekends for the new volunteers?
Pico Bonito was great, go to the natural areas around the city or spent time in caltwally lich / unique neighborhoods.

Would you recommend Abroaderview to other volunteers?

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