Best Volunteer Reviews 2017

Volunteer Name: Kaitlin Himle
Project Location: Cusco, Peru
Program Dates: July 23, 2014  August 6, 2014
Volunteered at:  Clinic

1- How was the local ABV Coordinator and the support provided in-country?
TERRIFIC!  My local coordinator was always checking in with me, making sure I was alright.  She also gave a tour of the city, and helped me set up my weekends.

2- What was the most surprising thing you experienced?
The difference in health care – extremely dirty clinic, just completely different than you would expect a clinic to be.

3- What was most difficult to experience?
Medical staff not washing their hands, or wearing gloves.  Washing hands is the number one thing to prevent infection, and the spread of germs.

4- Any tips for future volunteers… (clothing, travel, personal items, donations)
Bring lots of hand sanitizer to carry with you.  Cusco gets extremely cold in the evening, so pack a few sweatshirts.  Remember your Spanish/English dictionary, and a notebook to write important things down.

4.1-Other things volunteers should know:
Machupicchu is amazing! Definitely a place to visit while in Cusco.

5- Personal Paragraph (ABV Program Testimonial):
This has been an amazing experience.  It was everything I hoped it would be and more.  I learned about the Peruvian culture and grew as a health care provider.  I also was able to study Spanish and will continue to when I get home! This is not going to be my last trip through A Broader View.  I will be back next summer!

6- How would you describe your accommodation, meals, security (e: host family, on-   site, shared)
GREAT!  They were welcoming and treated me like family.

7- What was your favorite memory of this trip?
A little boy I was helping in the clinic gave a huge hug and kiss on the cheek.  The family was extremely grateful for my help.

8- How was the ABV USA support prior traveling?
WONDERFUL!  Answered all my questions and returned phone calls / e-mails within 24 hours.

9- Are you willing to speak to other potential ABV volunteers
Of course!!

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