Help me spend 3 weeks in Heredia, Costa Rica (right outside of San Jos...
Charlotte, United States
I want to help in my own way and after finding this program, it just f...
Durham, United States
Obtaining donations to try and bring myself to Guatemala for animal re...
Peterborough, Canada
Honduras: HIV Aids Awareness and Care at La Ceiba
Oakland, United States
From July 3 to July 17 of 2017 I will be travelling to Kasoa, Ghana. I...
London, United Kingdom
It would be very much appreciated if you give a generous donation for ...
Breda, Netherlands
Help me get donations for the children!
Fort Myers, United States
I am a registered nurse volunteering 8 days in a remote section of Gua...
Aberdeen, United States
2 weeks to make an impact in Ghana and for Ghana to impact me forever.
North Chicago, United States
Belize Orphanage Fundraising (Castagna)
Rockford, United States
Help fund my trip to India as I empower women through micro finance!
Falls Church, United States
Let the beauty we love become the good we do
New York, United States
In January I will be traveling to Ecuador to volunteer my time to help...
Arlington, United States
Please help support Advanced EMTs and EMTs from Saint Michael's Rescue...
Colchester, United States
Short and simple, I just want to go serve the people of Nepal through ...
Kokomo, United States
A fundraising effort in support of my upcoming volunteer trip to Cuzco...
, United States
I am planning on going to Costa Rica to volunteer in an orphanage Dece...
Bangor, United States
Want to feel good today? Support offering medical care to the impoveri...
Grand Rapids, United States
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