My name is Sarah Perry and I am seeking donations to enable me to travel to Costa Rica September 2016. Unfortantely the cost to fly down there along with food and shelter is expensive. I need help to raise my goal of $2500 by July 18, 2016. The program fee with includes resources such as food and shelter is U$1,300. A plane ticket is around U$650, and travel insurance is approximately US$50 as well as U$200 to travel when I get down there and to be able to buy any supplies needed for volunteering such as bug spray or a mosquito net as mosquitoes are prevelent. I am a part of the A Broader View Project on the Pacific Coast and my duties are to provide protection of sea turtles and their eggs from egg harvesting, traffic, excessive lighting, depredation of trtules, and growth of rivers. Any amount of money will help me achieve this goal and make a difference.

Thank you 

Promoter Sarah Perry
United States
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Bank Details Or you can write a check directly to A Broader View Volunteers Corp, 236 Glen Place Elkins Park, PA 19027 USA US 215 780 1845
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