My name is Allison Avery, and I am an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician with Saint Michael's Rescue.  This coming summer, five of our amazing volunteer EMT's and AEMT's are traveling to La Ceiba, Honduras to volunteer in hospitals and other medical settings.

Hospitals in this area are very poorly equipped and understaffed, so help from volunteers is essential to bringing quality, affordable, and often life-saving health care to those who need it most. While working in the hospitals, our group will be able to shadow doctors and nurses, and put our own EMT skills to good use. We will be spending time where we are most needed, whether it be in the lab, doing checkups, cleaning wounds, or helping on rounds. Our group will be working 40 hour weeks for four weeks, and will also be taking part in a language immersion program to touch up on our español!

In Honduras, we will be able to use our knowledge and experience to help make a real difference for those in need.  With your help we will be able to bring with us essential medical supplies.  Because there is a dire lack of medical equipment in the country, we must bring enough gloves, scrubs, masks, stethoscopes, gauze, ointments, and tape for our entire group for the whole month.  Donations will also help us cover travel expenses, housing, and those pesky extra luggage fees so we can bring all of our supplies! 

Anything that you can contribute will help our group help those in need!  Thank you in advance for your generous support, without you this trip wouldn't be possible. 

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  • Medical Service Trip to Honduras by Allison Avery

    Posted on 2016-12-28

    EMT's and Advanced EMT's from Saint Michael's Rescue are volunteering for a month in Honduras to help save lives of those in need. Please help up reach our goal so we can make a difference! Click here to learn more :)


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