I would never imagine that my life journey will take me from Siberia all the way to Peruvian Andes... but here I am, fundraising for a volunteer trip to Cusco, Peru. I will be spending 4 weeks in July-August there, living in the host family, volunteering my time in the local hospital 40 hours a week, learning Spanish, exploring the world and myself.

As you know, I am currently working as an ICU nurse in the city hospital. The great majority of my patients are substance abusers (alcohol, drugs, food) who oftentimes come with respiratory arrest secondary to a liver failure or heart attack. It takes a long time to get them back on track: plan of care is being discussed every day by the team and meticulous nursing care is being provided on regular basis. It is such a miracle to observe their metamorphosis from ventilated, totally dependent patients to fully functioning human beings once extubated. At the same time, it is such a pain to see them coming back to the unit shortly after their magic resuscitation to only watch the story played all over again, without happy ending this time however... only so much abuse the body can tolerate. Even more painful to see families of these patients, loving mothers, wives and children who are suffering just as much if not more than patients themselves.

At the same time, intoxicated person found unresponsive after choking on vomit somewhere in rural Peru would not stand a chance (the chance is very high there would be no hospital around). However, in the United States health care system spends tremendous amount of money on treatment of the very same condition. Moreover, city hospitals accept everyone, including uninsured illegal people. Although health care policy is not perfect and does have many pitfalls, it allows us to take many things for granted here. Oftentimes (most of the times?), we forget how incredibly lucky we are to be able to live out comfortable lives with cold and hot water, AC, TV, WiFi, public transport, abundance of food and entertainment, annual vacations, meeting friends at the bar after works and having a drinks or two...


Awareness is important, just as giving back. I believe that volunteering my time and skills in Peru will be mutually beneficial as it inspires ideas and broadens outlook on both ends. I am very much looking forward to spend time with people in Peru; I believe my updated knowledge and perspective will make me more useful here, in the United States. I am trying to fundraise about 1895$, which covers the cost of the program, but there are many other expenses associated with it, such as tickets, supplies, etc. I will really appreciate your donations, regardless of the amount. In return, I promise to share all my experiences… in Spanish! :)


Promoter Alexandra Filonenko
New York
New York
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Sara Artigot
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Genia Sh
 $ 100.00 2016-06-14

Eoin Coffey
 $ 100.00 2016-06-10

Evgenia Pakhpmova
 $ 250.00 2016-06-09

Yevgeniya Chorba
 $ 50.00 2016-06-09

Nancy Willow
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