Kontent and ABV Alliance

Ed Rhys, co-founder at Kontent, explained why the company chose to approach A Broader View Volunteering.”Kontent is a way to discover and share amazing links. You can share one link each day, which raises the value of the thing you’re sharing. Everyone ends up with a collection of amazing content. Our blog features curators who share amazing content, celebrating those who value quality over quantity. We’ve received tonnes of requests from creatives, entrepreneurs and brands asking to be featured. We approached A Broader View Volunteering because we believe that volunteering is hugely important – it can benefit everyone involved. A Broader View Volunteering is the first non-profit we’ve worked with, and we’re thrilled to introduce them to our community because their vision is so clear and their mission is so important.”

Photo: Ed Rhys and Ed Playfair of Kontent

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