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Earthquake in Ecuador Relief support

At 18:58pm on April 16th, 2016, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the Coast of Ecuador, according to the reports, an average of 90-100% of cities, and small towns in this area of the country have been destroyed.


This enormous human tragedy is exacerbated by the hundreds of thousands of people who have died, thousands have been seriously injured and other thousands of persons are survivors who in most of the cases have lost their family and they have been left without shelter, food, water, or basic living essentials. While all of Ecuador and the International Aid Community have been mobilized in the relief effort, it just isn’t enough. Earthquake survivors are desperate because they are living under conditions of extreme poverty; they are being exposed to infectious diseases such as Zika virus and Dengue Fever as well as other severe illnesses; moreover, they have lost their jobs, which means that now they don’t have a way to improve their living conditions, to buy food, clothing and medicines by their own or to begin working with the reconstruction of their homes.



In order to help to the affected population from the Coast of Ecuador, we have been receiving donations of clothes, food (also, we have prepared food for the people), medicines, mattresses, tents, toothpaste, tooth brushes, toilet paper, anti mosquito lotion, plastics, diapers, underwear for kids and for women, and blankets; also, some volunteers have donated money for us to be able to buy supplies for the people affected by the earthquake.



The work of helping to the victims of the earthquake is just beginning, that’s why now our purposes are to give help to the elderly, persons with any kind of disability, as well as to single moms

  • To begin building temporary shelters made in bamboo for the people who have lost their home.

  • To help by rebuilding some of the houses that are not totally destroyed

  • To build houses for the persons who lost their house

  • Also, we want to help them by installing small stores where the people can sell local products so that they can have their own income.

  • Additionally, the victims of the earthquake are needing many things such as:

  • Mattresses

  • Tents

  • Underwear for kids and also for adults

  • Anti mosquito lotion

  • Sun screen lotion

  • Disinfectant

  • Diapers

  • Wet wipes

  • Food in can

  • Rice

  • Tuna fish

  • Salt

  • Oil

  • Cotton

  • Alcohol

  • Ibuprofeno

  • Acetaminofén

  • Gloves

  • Antibiotics

  • Special protein for patients with diabetes

  • Medicine for persons who suffer of high blood pressure

  • Milk for the kids

  • Band aids

  • Condoms

  • Oral contraceptives

  • Plastics

  • Anti mosquito nets

  • Blankets

  • Candles

  • Flashlights

  • Towels

  • Shampoo

  • Soap

  • Water

  • Physiological saline solution

  • Solution to clean wounds

  • Toothpaste

  • Toothbrushes

  • Toilet paper

  • Clothes for adults and kids

  • Hydrating lotion

  • Hydrant lotion for babies

  • Diclofenaco

  • Anti mosquito bites lotion

  • Medicine for allergies

  • Vitamins for pregnant women

  • Medicines for stomach problems

  • Medicines for infections


Also, we are needing groups of 3 or 5 volunteers that can help in the medical area or in the field of psychology


Chicken coop uganda orphanage

As the number of deserving children grows, and activities expand, it is increasingly becoming difficult for us to maintain the proportionally increasing administrative costs of the school including, teachers’ salaries, purchase of girls’ sanitary pads, scholastic materials, printing and also balanced feeding of our children. We therefore wish to start a school poultry farm whose sell of eggs and off-layers, would immensely help to cater for administrative costs and also supplement on the purchase of the daily food of 30kgs of maize flour and 15kgs of beans to provide constant feeding of the children at school. This is in line with HFYU’s desire and determination to become an independent ongoing, viable and self-reliant organization.

The poultry would also be a source of manure (birds droppings mixed with coffee husks) to our already existing small gardens of food crops, fruits and vegetables. This will increase yields of our farm produce.


This project is intended to directly benefit our 288 school children and 18 staff members; while shall indirectly benefit over 600 community members including parents/guardians of our school children.

Funds Requested:

While the total cost of the whole project is estimated at US$4755, a sum of US$ 1675 has already been secured and committed to the procurement of materials and construction of the chicken coop as seen in the pictures.

Chicken coop uganda orphanage

Now a total sum of US$3080 is required to complete the project by catering especially for the initial feeding of the birds for the first 4 months until when they will start laying eggs (normally at 4 months).

At the laying stage, is when they will start catering for themselves re feeding through the sale of eggs.

Please see table below for further clarification


Unit cost in US$

Total cost in US$

Iron sheets

40pcs x US$8


Wire / Chicken Mesh

5pcs x $20@


Solar energy installation



Procurement of chicks

700 chicks x 1 dollar each


Initial Feeding (700 birds)

1 bag per day x 120 days (4 months) x US$13 per bag





At 4 months, the chicken shall start lay eggs. Initially about 600 birds out of 700 can start laying one egg per day = 600eggs in total (20 trays per day). Therefore, in a month, they will lay 600eggs x 30days = 18,000 eggs (600 trays).  

Thank you for the support you can give this Orphanage

If sending a Check: mail and make to:

A Broader View Volunteers Corp,
236 Glen Place
Elkins Park, PA 19027 USA

Add the name of the Project the donation is going to.

Volunteer Belize Orphanage

There are currently 42 children residing at the orphanage they are not supported by the government so each month they run short in food for the childre.  They need US$500 extra a month to be able to run the kitchen without a problem. You can donate from US$5 and more, we have many volunteers coming to this program, we ask from you to support this orphanage after you have gone back home. You can do a recurrent donation each month through this page. Share with friends and family on facebook, twitter and other social networks so this program can get the funds they need to go on working.

All the donations go directly to the orphanage, we will post any donation on our websites as we follow the "greatnonprofit.org website" transparency policy.


Family background: She lives in a family of 8 children and her both parents are poor and jobless. 
School fees: she pays US$180 per trimester and US$540 for the year this includes; school fees and 3 meals a day.

Class: 2nd - living at school

Age: 9 years old 

Country: Rwanda

NAME: Cameron Díaz Rodríguez
AGE: 4 years old
SITUATION: Cameron has autism, she lives with her mom and her grandmother, her mom is a single mother who just could finish the basic education level.
Monthly fees: US$60 will cover meals, medication and school fees for a month. You can donate for a week, month or a recurrent monthly donation or a year donation.
Country: Ecuador

Family background: She was adopted by a lady who found her on the street and the lady had three children the family is so poor to raise all these children.

School fee charges: Pays US$ 45 per term (trimester) or US$ 135 (full year) which includes; school fees and porridge at break time a day

Class: baby class 

Age: 4 years

Country: Rwanda

Family back ground: They are six children in the family. This family is very poor both parents are always conflicting because they all drink alcohol no one feels responsible for the family Sandrine is clever in class but found of missing classes because of problems at home. 

School fee charges: Pays US$540 for a year or US$180 for 1 trimestre  which includes school fees and 3 meals a day

Age: 5 years old 

Country: Rwanda

Family background: they are 6 people in the family the father has cancer and the mother is the one trying to help but the family is too big for her.
School fee charges: She pays US$180 per term (4 month) or US$540 for a yearwhich includes: boarding, school fees, 3 meals a day and school supplies.

Age: 8 years 
Class: Primary third – lives at school

Rwanda donation

Family background: she stays with her mother with other 6 children her father died the mum can't be able to pay school fees for all.
School fee charges: Sonia pays US$135 per 3 terms (1 year) which includes porridge break time a day

Names: Sonia UMURINGA
Age: 6 years old
Class: Nursery

Country: Rwanda

Family back ground: They are 10 children in the family both parents are still alive but helpless and the dad is disable they cannot afford to help all the children.
School fees charges: Celine pays US$60 per term (4month) this fee includes, total for the year US$240; school fees and lunch at school.

Age: 8 years old 
Class: Primary two - day scholar 

NAME: Justin Casa Vaca
AGE: 4 years old
SITUATION: Justin lives with his mom who is a single mother and can’t afford the cost of Justin’s therapies.
Monthly fees: US$60 will cover meals, medication and school fees for a month. You can donate for a week, month or a recurrent monthly donation or a year donation.
Country: Ecuador

NAME: Kevin Masabamba Lumbi
AGE: 4 years old
SITUATION: His mother fell down from a horse when she was 5 months pregnant, his parents have no economical resources and Kevin suffers of hiperlirribina, he attends to the therapies but his parents have no incomes
Monthly fees: US$60 will cover meals, medication and school fees for a month. You can donate for a week, month or a recurrent monthly donation or a year donation.
Country: Ecuador

NAME: Ashley Lindao Vera
AGE: 7 years old
SITUATION: Ashley comes from a family of 6 brothers and sisters, her father, Junior Lindao is a fisherman, her mother, María Vera doesn’t have a job, she takes care of the family, she is studying the 2nd year of basic education.
Monthly fees: US$60 will cover meals, medication and school fees for a month. You can donate for a week, month or a recurrent monthly donation or a year donation.
Country: Ecuador

NAME: Priscila Jordan Tercio
AGE: 7 years old
SITUATION: Her father, Enrique Jordan works collecting sea shells in the mangrove. She is studying the third year of basic education.
Monthly fees: US$60 will cover meals, medication and school fees for a month. You can donate for a week, month or a recurrent monthly donation or a year donation.
Country: Ecuador

NAME: Ángeles Quishpe
AGE: 6 years old
SITUATION: Ángeles lives with her mom María Elena, she sells mote in the street and is a single mother, due to the lack of resources they live with some relatives in their house.
Monthly fees: US$60 will cover meals, medication and school fees for a month. You can donate for a week, month or a recurrent monthly donation or a year donation.
Country: Ecuador

NAME: Milagros Taco
AGE: 6 years old
SITUATION: Milagros lives with her parents and one brother, her father has a degenerative illness and he can’t work, and her mother works recycling bottles.
Monthly fees: US$60 will cover meals, medication and school fees for a month. You can donate for a week, month or a recurrent monthly donation or a year donation.
Country: Ecuador

NAME: Kiana Coello
AGE: 6 years old
SITUATION: Kiana was abandoned by her parents and she lives with her aunt Liliana Coello.
Monthly fees: US$60 will cover meals, medication and school fees for a month. You can donate for a week, month or a recurrent monthly donation or a year donation.
Country: Ecuador

NAME: Lislibeth García Crespín
AGE: 7 years old
SITUATION: Lislibeth comes from a family of 4 brothers and sisters, her father, Freddy García is a mason  and her mother, Maritza Crespín doesn’t work
Monthly fees: US$60 will cover meals, medication and school fees for a month. You can donate for a week, month or a recurrent monthly donation or a year donation.
Country: Ecuador


the School Management decided to use the donation to buy gifts in form of school requirements like books,

rulers, pens, pencils and mathematical sets for high performing students in school as a reward for the effort they do.

“My hard work in class has earned me this award, am very excited!” exclaimed one girl student.

100% of the donation will go to support this program year round with school material for over 200 children

NAME: Clara Inés Torres
AGE: 4 years old
SITUATION: Clara comes from a family of 5 kids, her father, Oscar Torres, picks shells, and her mother, Lupe Jordán takes care of the house.
Monthly fees: US$60 will cover meals, medication and school fees for a month. You can donate for a week, month or a recurrent monthly donation or a year donation.
Country: Ecuador

Our First Aid Kits for Kids provide personal hygiene and basic "medicine cabinet" items that are scarce in the developing world. If a child gets hurt, families might have to travel a long distance by bicycle, bus or even on foot to receive care at the nearest hospital or medical clinic. Working with pediatricians and nurses, We developed Kits for Kids to give parents in developing countries the supplies they need to provide basic care at home. 


We will buy ALL of the following items for a kit (US$ 25):
  • Kit Includes:
  • (50) 3/4" x 3" Adhesive Plastic Bandages
  • (25) 3/4" x 3" Fabric Bandages
  • (10) 1" x 3" Fabric Bandages
  • (4) Knuckle Fabric Bandages
  • (4) Fingertip Fabric Bandages
  • (2) 2" x 4" Elbow & Knee Plastic Bandages
  • (10) 3/8" x 1 1/2" Junior Plastic Bandages
  • (3) Butterfly Wound Closures
  • (1) 5" x 9" Trauma Pad
  • (10) 2" x 2" Gauze Dressing Pads
  • (4) 3" x 3" Gauze Dressing Pads
  • (2) 4" x 4" Gauze Dressing Pads
  • (1) 2" Conforming Gauze Roll Bandage
  • (4) Aspirin Tablets
  • (4) Ibuprofen Tablets
  • (4) Extra-Strength Non-Aspirin Tablets
  • (12) Alcohol Cleansing Pads
  • (12) Antiseptic Cleansing Wipes, Sting Free
  • (3) Antibiotic Ointment Packs
  • (3) First Aid/Burn Cream Packs
  • (3) Insect Sting Relief Pads
  • (3) Castile Soap Towelettes
  • (2) 1/2" x 5 yds First Aid Tape Roll
  • (1) 4" x 5" Instant Cold Compress
  • (1) Burn Relief Pack, 3.5gm
  • (1) Sterile Eye Pad
  • (1) Sunscreen Pack
  • (2) Lip ointment Pack
  • (4) 2" x 2" Moleskin Squares
  • (1) 6" x 11/16" Finger Splint
  • (10) 3" Cotton Tipped Applicators
  • (2) Medium #2 Safety Pins
  • (2) Exam Quality Vinyl Gloves
  • (1) 4 1/2" Scissors, Nickel Plated
  • (1) 3" Tweezers, Chrome Plated
  • (1) First Aid Guide


Unfortunately, the public health care system in Honduras is one of the worst in Latin America. Fortunately in La Ceiba the recently opened Public Hospital is trying to serve the most impoverished people in the community.  Since there are very few affordable hospitals even most middle class families use the Public hospitals.  However,  the hospital is still poorly-equipped and lack of all the basic medical supplies.


We are fundraising to buy the follow supplies:


BP Cuff Sphygmomanometer Eye Drops Nasal Canulas Povidone Iodine Pads
Gloves Stethoscopes First Aid Kits Elastic Bandage Antiseptic Towelettes
Suture Kits Oximeters Extrication Devise Alcohol Prep Pads Non Woven Sponges
Gauze Masks Basic Trauma Bag Burn Dressing Pen Lights
Scrubs Pain Killer EMT Shears Multi Cuff Kits and much more



Donate any amount you can, 100% of the donations will do to the program

You can pay with paypal, credit card, or personal check


A Broader View Volunteers Corp

236 Glen Place

Elkins PArk, PA 19027



Note: Honduras Donation Medical Supplies



Mother name: Rubenia Acosta 

and little brother Daniel


  1. Mom makes tamales to sell, also she is a stylist and some time visit friends

  2. to hair and decorate the nails, with the money she buys food and clothes for their

  3. children to attend school.

  1. What do you like to do at home?

  2. She likes to help her mother in chores and play,

  3. is very intelligent and in school is a good student.

    1. What do you like to be when you grow adult?

    2. I would like to be a Teacher. 

  4. *information checked and sent by our local coordinator.

The community of Leymus situated between the border of Honduras and Nicaragua, this is one of the poorest areas in Honduras.

We are supporting this community specially the local school with schoolar books, blackboards, pencils, solar lamps, clothes and any other items they may need.

The school runs form 1 to 6th grade. They also need funds for meals as well, as the governemnt doesn't send to remote areas.


This donation will provide the Leymus school with funds to teach and feed the children.

We need US$40 per children per month for 35 children. US$ 1450


 A new home for the teen mother and girls shelter in Xela!

In Xela, A Broader View volunteers can choose to volunteer at the shelter for teen mothers and abused girls. This is a government funded shelter where about 90-120 girls and babies can find a safe place to stay while they are in legal processes to solve their cases of often domestic violence, abuse and teen pregnancy (sometimes as a result of abuse).

The shelter is now located in a building in the historical center, locked in by other buildings. They have only two big dorm rooms for all girls, and just an outside concrete patio surrounded by concrete walls to get some fresh air.

Luckily, they have the opportunity to move to a new location at the end of the year. This is a great opportunity for the shelter, as the facilities are located on the edge of the city, in a forest with lots of green spaces, fresh air and nature.

The dorm rooms are more comfortable, as they accommodate smaller groups of girls, there is a separate building where the girls can take their primary school lessons, there are bungalows for the teen moms with their babies, and there is a lot more space for just a bit of privacy.

However, these buildings have been abandoned and need some serious renovation work. Just to mention a few projects; the sanitary has to be renewed completely, the laundry room has to be implemented, roofs need to be repaired, some windows need repair, they need two entrance gates, and the whole place needs paint and decoration. And of course all equipment and furniture needs to be moved. On the longer term, they would like to construct more bungalows, so that the teen moms can raise their babies in a “home-setting”.  




A Broader View Volunteer (ABV)  allows every traveler to choose their own program start date. This means you can arrive on any flight, any day of the week. Since ABV program fees are 100% tax deductible* we encourage you to fund raise. ABV offers advice and assistance with flight planning, affordable travel insurance, as well as procuring a visa, if necessary. Our ABV staff is available to any your questions. Contact us by email, through the on-line chat feature on our website or call us toll free at 866-423-3258.


Volunteer Registration Fee – ongoing support from ABV staff, program marketing costs, information pack, administration costs, ABV donation Fund, travel costs to inspect programs and communication costs with volunteers.

Volunteer Program Fee – ABV donation fund, airport pick-up, orientation, program supervision, accommodation and meals during volunteer program period, in-country 24/7 volunteer support and in-country administration costs. As a US Non-Profit Charity Organization all your fees are tax deductible and you can fundraise from our website to pay for the fees.

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