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 A new home for the teen mother and girls shelter in Xela!

In Xela, A Broader View volunteers can choose to volunteer at the shelter for teen mothers and abused girls. This is a government funded shelter where about 90-120 girls and babies can find a safe place to stay while they are in legal processes to solve their cases of often domestic violence, abuse and teen pregnancy (sometimes as a result of abuse).

The shelter is now located in a building in the historical center, locked in by other buildings. They have only two big dorm rooms for all girls, and just an outside concrete patio surrounded by concrete walls to get some fresh air.

Luckily, they have the opportunity to move to a new location at the end of the year. This is a great opportunity for the shelter, as the facilities are located on the edge of the city, in a forest with lots of green spaces, fresh air and nature.

The dorm rooms are more comfortable, as they accommodate smaller groups of girls, there is a separate building where the girls can take their primary school lessons, there are bungalows for the teen moms with their babies, and there is a lot more space for just a bit of privacy.

However, these buildings have been abandoned and need some serious renovation work. Just to mention a few projects; the sanitary has to be renewed completely, the laundry room has to be implemented, roofs need to be repaired, some windows need repair, they need two entrance gates, and the whole place needs paint and decoration. And of course all equipment and furniture needs to be moved. On the longer term, they would like to construct more bungalows, so that the teen moms can raise their babies in a “home-setting”.



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A new home for the teen mother and girls shelter in Xela!

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