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Chicken coop uganda orphanage

As the number of deserving children grows, and activities expand, it is increasingly becoming difficult for us to maintain the proportionally increasing administrative costs of the school including, teachers’ salaries, purchase of girls’ sanitary pads, scholastic materials, printing and also balanced feeding of our children. We therefore wish to start a school poultry farm whose sell of eggs and off-layers, would immensely help to cater for administrative costs and also supplement on the purchase of the daily food of 30kgs of maize flour and 15kgs of beans to provide constant feeding of the children at school. This is in line with HFYU’s desire and determination to become an independent ongoing, viable and self-reliant organization.

The poultry would also be a source of manure (birds droppings mixed with coffee husks) to our already existing small gardens of food crops, fruits and vegetables. This will increase yields of our farm produce.


This project is intended to directly benefit our 288 school children and 18 staff members; while shall indirectly benefit over 600 community members including parents/guardians of our school children.

Funds Requested:

While the total cost of the whole project is estimated at US$4755, a sum of US$ 1675 has already been secured and committed to the procurement of materials and construction of the chicken coop as seen in the pictures.

Chicken coop uganda orphanage

Now a total sum of US$3080 is required to complete the project by catering especially for the initial feeding of the birds for the first 4 months until when they will start laying eggs (normally at 4 months).

At the laying stage, is when they will start catering for themselves re feeding through the sale of eggs.

Please see table below for further clarification


Unit cost in US$

Total cost in US$

Iron sheets

40pcs x US$8


Wire / Chicken Mesh

5pcs x $20@


Solar energy installation



Procurement of chicks

700 chicks x 1 dollar each


Initial Feeding (700 birds)

1 bag per day x 120 days (4 months) x US$13 per bag





At 4 months, the chicken shall start lay eggs. Initially about 600 birds out of 700 can start laying one egg per day = 600eggs in total (20 trays per day). Therefore, in a month, they will lay 600eggs x 30days = 18,000 eggs (600 trays).  

Thank you for the support you can give this Orphanage

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Chicken Coop for Uganda Orphanage

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