• Costa Rica: Escazu: Pre Dental

    For many people in Costa Rica basic dental health needs are unaffordable.  Local people rely on public clinics (not private expensive care) for their dental needs.  As you can imagine the number of patients can outweigh the means of the local dental staff.    Our volunteers, those interested or currently enrolled in dental school, are welcome to volunteer in one of these public clinics.   Not only is this is great hands on learning experience, you will be helping the local dental staff with their overworked schedules.  

  • Review Sara Disimoni Volunteer in Escazu Costa Rica at the Teaching Program.

    Review Sara Disimoni Volunteer in Escazu Costa Rica at the Teaching Program.

    Review Volunteer Sara Disimoni in Escazu Costa Rica at the Teaching Program.

  • Volunteer Costa Rica – Escazu: Immersion Spanish Lessons

    To really learn Spanish it is best to be completely immersed in the local culture and language.  Language immersion lessons can be arranged for all levels of students:  beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

  • Volunteer Costa Rica, Escazu: Animal Rescue Shelter

    Volunteer at an animal refuge shelter outside of Escazu which has a variety of rescheduled animals, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and birds.  Volunteer tasks vary from administration and cleaning to feeding of the animals, enclosure maintenance, working one on one with the animals and other tasks as needed.

  • Volunteer Costa Rica, Escazu: Day Care Center

    For most working families in Costa Rica having access to a local a day care center is essential.  The center provides a safe haven for their young children as the parents go to work each day.  This center provided care for over 100 children between the ages of 2 to 6 years old. The center provides play based curriculum focusing on social, emotional and physical development of each children through interaction with their teacher and peers.

  • Volunteer Costa Rica, Escazu: Pre-Medical Program

    Volunteers are needed and welcome at this transitional shelter for children with chronic illness.   The care center can accommodate 25 children, most of whom suffer from burns, healing from a transplant, awaiting surgery or are being treated for chronic disease.  Patients from the National Children’s hospital are referred here to avoid prolonged hospitalization, and also provide housing for those coming from rural areas.

  • Volunteer Costa Rica, Escazu: Senior Care Center

    As in most societies around the world, caring for the elderly is left to social welfare institutions when their own families cannot care for them.  Many of the elderly care centers support those with disabilities, those who have been abandoned or have mental illness such as Alzheimer’s.

  • Volunteer Costa Rica, Escazu: Special Needs Center

    This program is ideal for compassionate volunteers who want to help teens and adults who have a range of physical and intelectual disabilities.  

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