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Are you a medical/nurse professional? Maybe you’re a doctor or a nurse or a dentist. Maybe you’re a student that’s getting along in their training in any of these professions. Maybe you’re looking for an internship opportunity and you really want to give back in the best way possible.

By volunteering in Africa and Asia you can truly make a difference in the lives of people who need you the most and you can absolutely change the world one bit at a time. That’s definitely going to make an impact on you as well.

Why Volunteer Abroad in a Medical Mission?

If you’re a medical professional then volunteer abroad programs like A Broader View need you even more than anyone else. That’s because we know that you have some unique skills that are desperately needed in underdeveloped countries. In any of these countries, healthcare is generally far below the standard that we know in the United States and that means the training that you have will set you up to provide something that’s truly amazing to these individuals that have never received it before.

Medical Mission professionals of all types are definitely needed because the healthcare that is available just doesn’t provide enough. Even when there are doctors, nurses and dentists available there just aren’t enough of them to take care of the need that exists within the community. As a result, far too many people become sick and die because they don’t have access to the general healthcare that the rest of us take for granted. They simply don’t know how to care for themselves or what they could be doing to prevent diseases before they happen.

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With medical professionals traveling to these countries and providing volunteer services it’s possible to educate these individuals much more and to make sure that they know what they should be doing to prevent the spread of disease. This can dramatically change the death toll and the sickness rates that can increase the number of people, especially children, who are living in poverty. And all of this from a single doctor or nurse or dentist or even medical student traveling to one of these countries. It’s an amazing experience that you definitely can’t get anywhere else because you’re going to know that you’re making a very big difference.

When you provide medical services within your own community you’re going to make a difference and help people, but in most cases, these are people who know preventative care and who have access to some form of medical care as well. When you provide this same type of care in some of the communities of African and Asian countries you are providing care that these individuals will never get in any other way. That’s truly going to give you a feeling of making a difference and a feeling of truly being a benefit to the community.

When you’re ready to return to your own practice or you’re ready to complete your schooling or start applying for positions, the fact that you volunteered abroad is definitely going to be a helpful factor for you as well. It shows you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone and also that you care deeply about giving back and helping those who are most in need. It’s an amazing experience and it’s something that you’re definitely going to see the benefits of as well. Not only will it look great on your resume, but it’s going to turn you into an even better person all around, and that makes you a better professional.

What Can We do?

If you are a medical professional of any kind you can do a great deal to help these communities and different parts of the world. There is always availability for these professions and A Broader View has plenty of different opportunities for you to get involved. Wherever you might want to go you’re going to have the ability to jump right into a program and a health care facility of some kind to start working with patients. Some of these countries have full hospitals that are in need of additional support. Others might have health clinics or mobile clinics that provide care to the more rural areas of the community.

No matter where you choose to go, there are definitely going to be people that can use your help and that will want to learn from you. These are individuals that are grateful for the opportunity to see a medical professional and who desperately want to provide the right level of care to their loved ones and their children. Up until now they simply haven’t had the opportunity. But when you volunteer here you’re going to be providing them with those opportunities and you will definitely see how much that means to them. 

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Choosing your Location

If you’re ready to book a trip the first thing you need to decide on is where you’re going to go. With A Broader View, you have the opportunity to start your volunteer experience in one of many different countries over 4 different continents, but if you've narrowed your path down to Africa or Asia you’re still going to have 15 different countries that you can choose from. Each of these countries has a need for help with their medical care and they are each going to be an amazing experience for you to visit, even in your free time. 

  • Ghana – Ghana is actually known as one of the friendliest places in Africa and they have amazing traditional markets and bazaars as well as rainforests, coastal wetlands, botanical gardens, and the world’s largest manmade lake.
  • Kenya – Kenya has some of the most amazing wilderness reserves and safaris, but they also have over 50 different ethnic tribes, amazing cultures, and customs and some truly remarkable sites and tourist areas as well.
  • Tanzania – The largest country in East Africa, Tanzania has coastal plains and plateaus as well as highlands and even coastal islands. There are some of the most amazing wildlife parks and over 120 different tribal groups that create an amazing cultural experience.
  • Uganda – You’ll find Lake Victoria here, as well as a huge population and access directly to the African fauna. You’ll find amazing endangered species like the mountain gorilla and the chimpanzee making their home in this part of the world.
  • Zambia – This country is actually quite high in elevation, which provides it with a mild climate, so you’re going to be very comfortable here. You’ll also love the national parks and the game reserves as well as Victoria Falls. The animals in this part of the world are amazing and you’ll see more animals in Zambia than nearly anywhere else.
  • Rwanda – Rwanda is filled with beautiful hills, forests at both high and low altitudes, the savannah, beaches and volcanic mountains. All of these things create some of the most beautiful sites and landscapes around.
  • South Africa – There are some amazing cultures throughout South Africa and while parts of the country still struggle the entirety of it is filled with beautiful wildlife and some amazing countryside and ocean vistas.
  • Cameroon – You’ll actually people from nearly every culture in Africa located in Cameroon and you’ll also find some of every landscape here as well. This means a truly unique and amazing experience from the people as well as from the rainforests, beaches, deserts, lakes, savannahs and volcanic mountains.
  • Nepal – Located in the Himalayan country you’re going to find eight of the ten tallest mountains here, which makes it great for those who love outdoor adventures. It’s also home to temples, ancient artifacts, wildlife parks, jungle safaris and a whole lot more.
  • India – India has truly remarkable architecture as well as forts and palaces that you can explore. Even more, it’s filled with some of the oldest and most diverse cultures, so you’re going to have plenty to experience and enjoy.
  • Sri Lanka – In Sri Lanka, you’re not going to want to miss the opportunity to check out the mountains, the coastal plains and what was once believed to be a bridge between Sri Lanka and the mainland. Beautiful architecture is definitely plentiful in this country.
  • Mongolia – There’s a great deal of nomadic culture and wilderness throughout Mongolia, as well as truly remarkable monasteries, countrysides and more. There’s a little of everything both old and new throughout Mongolia.
  • China – Everyone knows of China, but you may not know all of what you can expect in this beautiful country. In the province where you’ll find most of these projects, you’ll also find the birthplace of pottery, porcelain, and silk. You’ll find the Great Wall, the Forbidden Palace and more within the country.
  • Cambodia – You’ll find several different ethnic groups in this country, but primarily you’ll find the Khmer, who are extremely friendly, happy and gentle people. With warm weather all year round and some amazing ancient sites as well as beaches, there’s something for everyone here.
  • Vietnam – Explore the amazing cultures throughout Vietnam and definitely immerse yourself in some of the best food and the most amazing architecture. There are floating markets, hill tribes, white sand beaches and a whole lot more to explore while you’re here

Take a look at each of these countries and see which one is going to provide you with the ideal match for a place to visit and the type of help that you can provide when you get there. You might actually be amazed at the experience, no matter where you go. It’s something you’re never going to experience anywhere else.

What You Need to Book Your Trip

All you need to do is explore the different opportunities in each of our amazing countries and you’ll be able to book the trip that you want. Take some time to explore where you’d like to go and then fill out an application. In only 24 hours you can get approval to be on your way. From there, you can find out more about the trip from our helpful staff and even set up a fundraising campaign if you want a little help to get you there. By the time you pay the final costs, you’re going to be more than excited to venture out.

When you’re ready to book you also need to make sure you’re setting up the extra services and parts that you need. While your cost with A Broader View will include accommodations with a host family as well as food, transportation to and from the airport in your volunteer country, orientation with our staff and 24/7 support from our team, you’re going to be responsible for a few things as well.

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You’ll be responsible for booking your own flight, arranging for a visa if one is needed, taking care of any special dietary requirements, arranging for transportation to and from your project site, setting up laundry and internet services and getting any kind of vaccinations that might be recommended or required. We can help you with finding out more about any of these services as well as helping you to book any of them so you’re ready as soon as you arrive. However, these are costs that are not included in the general rate that you pay to us for booking your trip.

When you’re ready to travel to a new country to volunteer with medical mission trips Africa and nurse trips Asia you’re going to be truly amazed by the opportunity. These experiences are ones that you’re not going to forget because you’re going to meet people and help people that are truly amazing. With your medical background, you can make a huge difference in the lives of far more people than you might think, and you’re definitely going to enjoy exploring these new countries as well. When it comes down to it, there’s really nowhere else that you could get this same type of experience and that’s truly remarkable.

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