Volunteer in India - Where Should I Choose?

Volunteer in India - Where Should I Choose?

If you are one of those who want to discover a country as amazing as India, and if helping a certain disorder is what you are looking for, maybe you should consider volunteering in this country. Despite the fact that the new local legislation has eliminated the caste system, inequality continues to be the order of the day. It means that the work carried out by volunteers continues to have a determining weight in many aspects.

India has much to offer, from the Taj Mahal to paradisiacal beaches or the mystic magic of the Ganges River, the corners of New Delhi, the Palace of the Winds in Jaipur, Udaipur, the Golden Temple of Amritsar, the Thar Desert, the walks in elephants. It is a country with ancestral cultures and in which the passage of time has left an indelible mark, in some cases the examples are impressive architectural constructions or ancestral traditions.

Why Volunteer in India?


The majority of NGOs operating in India tend to work with children, the elderly, peasants, and women. Unfortunately, all of those sectors are the population at risk of exclusion and must be taken care of. The situation of poverty, marginalization, and lack of rights are the reasons that make many volunteer organizations work with these groups. Equality of opportunities and compliance with the minimums that every human being will enjoy will be elements that these development projects will always have in the spotlight.


Many projects are in the region of Rajasthan, because it is one of the most inequalities experienced. However, it also stands out for its folklore as well as for its great historical and cultural heritage, since it is part of the so-called "golden triangle". This is just one example, one outstanding, as projects for volunteers find their field of action throughout the country.


There is an important aspect if you are thinking of traveling to this country and volunteering in India. That is special visa for social work in India. The process is simple and does not usually need much time for its expedition. We can request it to the Indian government or by contacting us here https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html

In general, given the characteristics of the projects, the most required profiles must have the following characteristics:

  • Experience or proximity in working with children will be the focus of many of the projects
  • Knowledge of manual work, sewing, ... thinking about the Self-Sufficiency Program for Indian Women.
  • Health personnel, whether doctors, opticians, pharmacists, nurses, ...

Regarding transportation to reach the destination where they perform the corresponding tasks, must be borne by the volunteer. Accommodation and maintenance are usually offered by the organizations themselves, although it is always advisable to check it.


Why Should You Volunteer in Jaipur?

For centuries, Europeans and Americans have been fascinated by India's colors, smells and spices. Get to know Jaipur and other cities and immerse yourself in a land of temples, traditions and high-tech where volunteers have more than enough work to do.

Sadly, the joy of Indian parents over a child still depends on their gender in many cases. Even today, little girls are rejected in India and left to themselves, because they would cost the parents too much money at the daughter's later marriage. But boys are not necessarily spared this fate if their work in the quarries or on the dumps of Jaipur does not bring enough money. For many of them, the streets of Jaipur are the temporary terminus.

In Jaipur alone, 10,000 children live on the street. If you are lucky, you will find shelter in one of the children's homes or a street child aid project that takes care of the little ones and helps them break out of the vicious circle of child labor, violence and poverty.


Together with local helpers and other volunteers, you take care of the adolescents, you are the contact person for worries and problems and help them cope with the small and big hurdles of everyday life.

Teaching is just as much on the agenda as playing together and doing homework. By lovingly caring for the little ones, you help them regain confidence in adults. At the same time, volunteering in Udaipur will make an important contribution to helping you live off the streets of Udaipur.

Volunteer in Udaipur


Udaipur is a nice place. The atmosphere around the lake and the City Palace is relaxed, almost idyllic for Indian conditions

If you like to learn traditional cooking here, you can too. Classes are offered in many hotels around the Old Town. In addition, some of the many art shops have the opportunity to get an introduction to miniature painting. The shops offer souvenirs, dolls, clothes and jewelry as well as all sorts of souvenirs.


Unfortunately, the first evening you would ask an Indian about where you could eat well around your home saty (in this case, Brahm-Puri Peninsula). They would usually give you dry answer of: "Nowhere!"

Well, it was not that bad, but in fact the food around the homestay is quite western. If you want to eat spicy curry, it's best to take a break from the old town. In addition, the dishes are then significantly cheaper. We drove on a tip to the Udaipur Gate. There is no sign of tourism in the streets around. There are some typical Indian restaurants. For 80 rupees we ate an excellent thali.


In the Ambrai Restaurant right on Lake Pichola, the dishes cost about 300 Rupees and a table should be reserved in advance, but the view of the lake and the City Palace is unique. Interested to volunteer in Udaipur? Follow this link Volunteer in India

Finally, take a deep breath, prepare your personal diary for a life-changing experience!

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