Feedback Charli Rose Salter Volunteer in La Ceiba, Honduras

Volunteer Name: Charli Rose Salter
Location: Honduras, La Ceiba
Program:  Children Program

Please tell us your full name, where are you from, what do you do or study?
My name is Charlie – Rose Salter, I’m from Wisconsin in the United States, and I’m currently a high school student.

Why did you choose Honduras –La Ceiba and what program are you doing and for how long?
I chose Honduras because I have been to Honduras in previous summers and because the description of the city and beach sounded like a good fit for me. I had 4 weeks stay in La Ceiba.

Why did you choose A Broader View and how did you find them?
I found A Broader View on Facebook, I chose this program because it was very flexible and organized.

How was your experience at the (, public school etc) program?
My experience at the Day Care was great. I had a lot of fun with the kids and the teachers. I also enjoyed practicing my Spanish with everyone.

How were your accommodation, host family and meals?
My accommodations were great, the host family was very helpful. The food was delicious. I really enjoyed staying with the host family.

How was the service of the local A broader view Coordinator and staff?
Good, very helpful. Whenever I needed help I new I had it. I felt very safe and secure.

Can you give tips for future volunteers on what to bring as donations for the program?
I would recommend future volunteers to bring pencils, erasers and books.

Any tips on what tours to do on the weekends for the new volunteers?
I didn’t go on tours but I went to Tela, Rio Maria, and the beach. I recommend to go see a lot, even if its just relaxing on the beach or walking through the market or city.

What did surprise you must about the program, city, the experience in general?
I was surprised by how flexible and fun the program was. I had perfect amount of free time to go see Ceiba and also spend time with the host family and other volunteers.

How was the service of A Broader View US office before traveling to Honduras?
Great, they were very helpful for answering my questions and helping to plan my trip.

Would you recommend A broader view to other volunteers?
Yes, A Broader View is a good program for all ages, it is very beneficial

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