Volunteer Review Romeena Volunteering in Honduras La Ceiba Pre Medical

Volunteer Name: Romeena Lee
Location: Honduras – La Ceiba
Volunteer at: Regional Hospital 

Feedback Romeena Volunteer in Honduras, La Ceiba

Please tell us your full name, where are you from, what do you do or study?
Romeena Lee, Miami, Fl Medical School

Why did you choose Honduras –La Ceiba and what program are you doing and for how long?
I chose It because I wanted to learn more about medical practices in Central American countries. I did the Medical Program for 1 week.

Feedback Romeena Volunteer in Honduras, La Ceiba

Why did you choose A Broader View and how did you find them?
I had a friend  who recurred me to A Broader View

How was your experience at the (orphanage..etc) program?
It was amazing

How were your accommodation, host family and meals?
The host family was great. Extremely welcoming I felt right at home

Feedback Romeena Volunteer in Honduras, La Ceiba

How was the service of the local A broader view Coordinator and staff?
The coordinator was great, He always made sure that we were busy and treated right, He also made sure we were safe and had activities on days off

Can you give tips for future volunteers on what to bring as donations for the program?
The hospital is in dire need of medical supplies

Any tips on what tours to do on the weekends for the new volunteers?
Pico Bonito is a great tour, the tour guides are great and also very welcoming

Feedback Romeena Volunteer in Honduras, La Ceiba

What did surprise you must about the program, city, the experience in general?
Nothing I came in with an open mind and al lot of flexibility

How was the service of A Broader View US office before traveling to Honduras?
Fantastic, Always answering safety concerns

Would you recommend A broader view to other volunteers?

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