Review Sophia Nahass Volunteer in Colombia Cartagena

Volunteer Review Sophia Nahass in Colombia Cartagena at the boys orphanage program

Volunteer in Colombia

Review Sophia Nahass Volunteer in Colombia Cartagena

The local coordinators and staff were amazing!! They helped me get through everything and it was also great because the coordinators were part of my host family which felt extra special! The support in the country was so great!

The most surprising thing I experienced was volunteering at the institution. Because even though the boys went through very hard times in the past they were all so sweet and loving!

The most challenging thing that I experienced was not knowing that much Spanish. The people in Colombia spoke some good English so they did understand part of the things I had to say.

Review Sophia Nahass Volunteer in Colombia Cartagena

Some tips for future volunteers are be careful with what you eat! The food is amazing but be extra sure of the food you put in your body! Also be very friendly and positive! And another tip is pack lightly and remember it is very hot in Colombia!

My personal experience was great! This trip has been one of the best experienceI have ever had! Everyone in Colombia is so friendly and the culture is amazing! Even though I did not know that much Spanish it was a great experience. I loved volunteering and staying with my host family! I will always remember how amazing Colombia and my experience here was!

The friendliness here in Colombia is amazing! I think Colombia is the happiest country ever! Everyone is so happy and positive and it makes me want to move hear! The meals are amazing!! My host mom is the best cook ever!! Even though I got sick some of the time while I was in Colombia, it was still one of the best trips I have ever been on!

Review Sophia Nahass Volunteer in Colombia Cartagena

Volunteer in Colombia: Child Care Center

My favorite memory of this trip was just spending time with everyone in this country, to my host family, the boys In the orphanage, my coordinator and her friends! It was all just amazing!!

The ABV support before traveling was great! Whenever I would have a question I would just hit the chat button on there website and they would get right back to me! Also I would email my coordinator and she helped me alot too!!

I found a broader view website super easy to navigate! It was also great how on there website they showed previous experiences of other volunteers in the past! I also liked how they had a chat button and they would answer right away!

I would love to speak to any potential volunteers!

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