Sam Volunteer Abroad in Tanzania Arusha

Volunteer Name: Sam Valerio-Sacks
Location: Arusha, Tanzania
Project: Orphanage

I don't have a favorite memory because the entire trip was pretty spectacular, I know for me when of my favorite memories is getting a letter from the children at the center when I was there

volunteer abroad in arusha

The most difficult thing I experienced was getting out of Kilimanjaro airport (flight cancellations), I felt pretty bad because David had to rearrange his entire day for me

Honestly this was my second time going to Tanzania so I was very prepared for the environment I was going to be in for the next 4 weeks

If you plan on climbing Kilimanjaro make sure you do your research and then bring clothes for the trip, I know one volunteer was going to climb Kilimanjaro and it was a huge hassle for her to deal with the companies and getting equipment

Everybody of the ABV staff in the USA was very helpful and great

"The experience working at the orphanage was pretty incredible. The kids there were so of the most mature kids I've ever worked with, they are also the sweetest kids. I think the environment for the kids is incredible kind and what their doing is absolutely amazing. Something else that really impacted me was David, he was one of the sweetest guys ever and I think what he is doing is amazing and needs to be recognized on a global scale."

I'm more then willing to speak to other ABV voluntaries

Language Immersion:

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