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I went to Tanzania with no expectations, simply as open-minded as possible and willing to live every moment at its fullest, putting 110% passion and intensity in everything I was doing. At the end of this period, I can well say it has been a life-changing experience to me, that taught me something more about people, relationships, myself, my life and my future job as a doctor.  For sure I will go back there, since I feel that my work here has just started and a piece of my heart will continue beating there forever.  - Alberto Tredese
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Review Matthew Nease Volunteer in Arusha Tanzania

Volunteer Review Matthew Nease in Arusha, Tan

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Christine Volunteer in Arusha, Tanzania

Volunteer Name: Christine ReeverProject Location: Arusha, Tanzania         

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Feedback Lakyn Perry Volunteer in Moshi, Tanzania

Volunteer Name: Lakyn Perry Project Location: Moshi, Tanzania Volunteered at:

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