Volunteer Reviews in Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal with housing available up to 25 volunteers, A Broader View has hosted hundreds of university student groups, peace corp alternative teens and family volunteer programs in our Nepal medical, dental and social welfare projects.  Groups of 5 or more interested in volunteering together can be customized. A Broader View Volunteers has extensive experience working in Nepal with students, teachers and families providing tailor-made service trips for small groups.

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Volunteer in Nepal Natalie Bria Review Special Needs Children Program

Best part! The Disable center is the best place to be in Nepal. The kids will always be my funnest memories.

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Leona Volunteer in Kathmandu, Nepal

Volunteer Name:  Leona Leung Location:  Kathmandu, Nepal Volunteer Project:

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Review Monica Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer Review Monica Chenglo Volunteer in

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Review Claudia Leano Volunteer in Kathmandu, Nepal

Review Volunteer Claudia Leano from Kathmandu, Nepal from the Co

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Review Aya Akili Volunteer in Nepal Kathmandu

Review Volunteer Aya Akili in Nepal Kathmandu at the Orphanage programs

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Review Ariel Lee Volunteer in Kathmandu, Nepal

Volunteer Name: Ariel Lee 
Project Location: Kathmandu, Nepal  Volunteered

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Review Lisa Ling Volunteer in Kathmandu, Nepal

Volunteer Name: Lisa Ling Project Location: Kathmandu, Nepal Volunteered at:

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Review Volunteer Brigitte Grenier Nepal Kathmandu Woman Support Program

Nepal is such a beautiful country and all the people here are very welcoming, respectful and happy. I had the time of myself. I would

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Review Volunteer Alisha Parchment Nepal Kathmandu Woman support program

Nepal is a special place in this world. I have never seen people so happy. It’s a beautiful place; I would hope everyone would get

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