Volunteer: Gareth Lacey
Program: Bulenga, Kampala, Uganda
Project: Education
Date: Feb 04 - March 03, 2012

Volunteer Name: Jayme Ward
Project Location: Bulenga, Wakiso District, Uganda
Program Dates: May 20th-27th 2012
Volunteered At: Orphanage / Community education

Volunteer Name: Sarah Baird
Project Location: Bulenga, Uganda
Program Dates: June 24-June 30, 2012
Volunteered At: Community Orphanage

Volunteer Name: Ryan Baker
Project Location: Quito
Program Dates: 5-14-12 to 6-11-12
Volunteered At: Orphanage/Pre-school (5-6 years olds)

Volunteer Name: Ernest Osseo-Asare
Project Location: Quito, Ecuador
Program Dates: Dec 08 - December 16th, 2012
Volunteered at: Nino Hogar

Volunteer Name: Lauren Thompson
Project Location: Punteranes Costa Rica
Program Dates: July 14 - August 03, 2012
Volunteered At: Sea Turtle Project

Volunteer Name: Jennifer Peters
Project Location: Costa Rica
Program Dates: June 13- July 12, 2013
Volunteered At: Sea Turtle Conservation

Volunteer Name: Allison Taylor & Cameron MacKenzie
Project Location: Belize
Program Dates: Feb 14 - Feb 21, 2013
Volunteered At: Orphanage

Volunteer Name: Bonnie G. Schreck
Project Location: Belize
Program Dates: May 26 - June 03, 2013
Volunteered At: Children's Home

Volunteer Name: Anna Malone
Project Location: Belize
Program Dates: June 20th, 2013 to July 21st, 2013
Volunteered At: Orphanage

Volunteer Name: Hillary Herbruck
Project Location: La Serena Chile
Program Dates: August 25 - November 17, 2012
Volunteered At: Orphanage

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