Best Volunteer Reviews 2017

Review Lucas C. Volunteer in Quito, Ecuador

Volunteer Name: Lucas Chambers
Project Location: Quito, Ecuador
Program Dates: July 5 – August 1, 2015

Volunteered at:  Children’s Daycare Center

Volunteer Name: Dorothy L.
Project Location: Cusco, Peru
Program Dates:  May 5 - May 30, 2014         
Volunteered at: Centro de Salud/Medical volunteer

Volunteer Name: Kara Weasen
Project Location:  Hanoi, Vietnam
Program Dates:   6/12/14-7/23/14         
Volunteered At:  Hanoi Private School

Review Tania Daou Volunteer in Honduras La Ceiba

Volunteer Review Tania Daou in Honduras La Ceiba PreMed program at the local hospital

Volunteer Name: Courtney Piper
Project Location: Kpando, Ghana
Program Dates: February 14 - March 19, 2014                     
Volunteered at: Children's Home

Volunteer Name: Jayme Ward
Project Location: Bulenga, Wakiso District, Uganda
Program Dates: May 20th-27th 2012
Volunteered At: Orphanage / Community education

Volunteer Name: Tiffany Tsang
Project Location: Kirithani Village, Kenya
Program Dates: June 25th- July 9th 2013
Volunteered At: Orphanage / Child care

Review Volunteer Caitlin Cullen in Guatemala Xela at the medical program Bridgeport Universit

Good time here. Make sure the clinic staff knows what to do with us. Overall wonderful experience.

Volunteer Name: Michael Kochevar
Project Location: Xela, Guatemala

Program Dates: From July 6th to July 12th 2014

Volunteered at: Health clinic

Review Sophia Nahass Volunteer in Colombia Cartagena

Volunteer Review Sophia Nahass in Colombia Cartagena at the boys orphanage program

Volunteer Name: Richard Munson
Project Location: Richard
Program Dates: Jan 18 - Jan 25, 2014       
Volunteered At: Children's Project

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