Best Volunteer Reviews 2017

Review Lorin Crear Volunteer in La Serena Chile at the Orphanage program

Review Volunteer Lorin Crear in La Serena Chile at the Orphanage program

Review Charles Wolf Volunteer in Belize Orphanage Program La Europa Group

Review Volunteer Charles Wolf  in Belize Orphanage Program La Europa Group

Review Angelica O'Brien Volunteer in Belize

Volunteer Review Angelica O'Brien in Belize Orphanage Program University of Dayton

Review Volunteer Julia Terry in Costa Rica San Jose at the Orphanage program

Review Volunteer Linh Tran Honduras La Ceiba Premedical program

I've done a similar trip in Guatemala with another program but it cannot compare to going through ABV. The coordinator is with you every step of the way and cares that you are getting the most out of the program. As a result, I learned and saw so much that I wouldn't have been able to see as a volunteer in the U.S. I got to take vital signs, help out in wound care, and I learned to start IV leads and administer medications and vaccines. I got to witness live births and hear about the surgeries that other ABV volunteers witnessed. It was also cool to meet other volunteers also from ABV and hear about their experiences. What I loved most was learning from the doctors and nurses who enjoyed teaching us despite how busy they were and who had the patience to explain to us the whys and the hows. In the U.S., it's harder to find doctors who are willing to take that time of their days. Overall, this was an amazing 2 weeks and I'm excited to share it with my family and friends back home. I definitely recommend this to anyone in the health care field who would like to get a taste of what health care is like in a different country. You will learn a lot and get a decent amount of hands-on experience!

Review Volunteer Maria Majet Reyes Woman’s Support Kathmandu Nepal

The program was one of a kind. Not only was it educational, it was also fun and to give back to the community.
Suggest a trip to Pokhara (outside of Kathmandu) and see the Buddhas and the lake
For lunch or food/meal suggest a Nepali restaurant with Nepalese food. It’s so yummy.

Feedback Melissa Davis Volunteer in La Ceiba, Honduras

Volunteer Name: Melissa Davis
Project Location: La Ceiba, Honduras
Program Dates: 05-03 / 06-01-15
Volunteered at: Hospital

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